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The episode starts with Surya dropping Anu at her home. Surya asks Anu to talk to her parents soon. Anu assures him that she will, but before that she wants them to make a deal. She wants that Surya doesn’t talk about them to his family until she talks to her parents and gets their consent. Surya agrees. Anu tries to open the car door and says it’s locked. Surya wants to go back to the love proposal moment and freeze it. Anu jokes asking why he doesn’t go back 25 years before.

Surya becomes sad. Anu apologizes to Surya and says that she doesn’t care about his past. Anu tells their marriage scene is her favorite scene and if he freezes at the proposal scene, how her parents can fulfill their duties. Surya smiles. Anu says that he looks very handsome today. Surya says he will look always handsome if she’s is with him. She gets down from the car and waves bye to Surya.

Pushba calls Subu to have food, but Subu wants to eat with Anu. Subu then questions what Ragupathi told her. Pushba asks him to not talk about it. She adds that Ragupathi is jealous of Anu. Just then Anu comes back home. Pushba starts questioning Anu. Subu stops Pushba and asks Anu to change her dress and come so that they can eat together.

Surya happily comes to the office. He finds Pankaj there. Seeing Surya elated, Pankaj congratulates Surya. Pankaj then asks what happened. Surya says that he told Anu about his first marriage with Devanandhini, but Anu refused to know anything further. Pankaj asks when he’s going to talk to Subu. Surya says that Anu will talk to her dad then only he will talk to his family and they will talk to Subu. Then Surya and Pankaj have friendly conversation. Pankaj is happy to get back the old Surya. They share a hug. Pankaj asks Surya to be careful. Surya replies that Pankaj is there to protect him.

Anu is sadly sitting in the stairs. Ramya comes to her and asks why she’s upset. Anu tells that she doesn’t know how to talk to her dad about her love matter. She easily told to Surya that she will talk to her dad, but now she’s scared. Ramya asks Anu to think about the life she is going to live with Surya, she will automatically get the courage to speak to her dad. Anu smiles looking at the ring.

The next day in the office, Anu comes to Surya’s cabin. Surya asks Anu if she talked to her dad. Anu says that she can’t gather courage to talk to her parents and apologizes to him. Surya asks her to sit and asks what happened. Anu says that she’s scared to talk to her dad. Surya says that they can both go and talk to her dad. Anu requests Surya to give her some time. He agrees. Just then Meera comes there to get Surya’s sign in some files.

Meera calls Anu madam and mocks her. Once Meera left Anu asks Surya why Meera is behaving weirdly. Surya advises Anu to reply Meera in the same tone that she uses. Anu says that she thought he will support Meera. Surya says that he will never let her down for anyone. Anu asks if it’s true. Surya wants to expose their relationship in front of the staff, but Anu refuses and asks him to wait for some days. Surya agrees.

Later Meera questions Anu about the diamond ring Surya made her wear while proposing her. Anu gets worried.

The episode ends.