Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 20th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu telling Surya that Chandra told that Mansi wanted to tell her something and asking if she got to know about their love. Surya assures her that there’s no chance for Mansi to know about their love matter and adds that Chandra has the habit to exaggerate things. Anu apologizes to Surya on behalf of her mother’s behavior. Surya says it’s ok and tells he’s happy that he had met her.

Surya takes Anu to Devanandhini’s house. Anu asks why they have come here. Surya says just like that. Anu tells that she liked the house when she came last time, bit she’s feeling strange. Pankaj welcomes Anu. She asks Pankaj what he’s doing here. Pankaj asks why he can’t come here. Surya takes her to the first floor and they get seated. Anu asks Surya why he brought her here and what Pankaj is doing here. Surya asks her to wait. Anu admires the house. Surya asks what she’s looking around. Anu tells that she likes this house the most. Dheena, Sapna and Meera come there one by one. Meera asks Pankaj why he called her suddenly. Surya asks her to relax and take her seat. Anu worries whether Surya wants to confess his love for her in front of all. Chandra and Mansi also join them.

Surya tells that they all are assembled here for an important secret project. He adds that if they work from the office, there’s a threat for information to get leaked. Sapna says that she didn’t bring her laptop. Pankaj says that she will get the laptop. Surya explains the project. He tells that the Russian client gave them this project. They are going to share some secret data which is highly confidential. They have to stay here untill they complete the project. Surya separates the tasks and gives every staff a task to complete. Surya tells that they can start working on this project from tomorrow, till that they will get all the necessary materials. So, they will enjoy today. Mansi and Chandra ask what they will do here. Surya tells that they don’t come to the office regularly, so they don’t know about the staffs. He asks to use this opportunity to create a bonding with staff. Mansi and Chandra get glad and go to their Room. Pankaj take the other staffs to show their respective rooms.

Anu tells that she is finding everything artificial. How she can stay here and work, she didn’t even inform her parents. Surya asks her to not worry and tells that he will talk to her parents if needed. Anu says that she is Devanandhini’s head and asks how she can help him in this project. Surya says that she can help him by having a talk with him. Pankaj comes there and tells her room is ready. Anu leaves. Pankaj finds Surya disturbed and asks what happened. Surya says nothing.

Anu is in the lawn wondering why Surya is doing like that. She didn’t even inform her parents about it. Sapna and Deena come there. The trio have a talk. Dheena and Sapna tell that once they have worked in outdoor so that employees don’t get bored. It was Surya’s arrangement. Anu asks whether this time also Surya has arranged this. Dheena tells in that case Surya would’ve informed all of them. Anu tells then the Russian project is real. Sapna tells that they will get to know about it by evening till that they can enjoy. Anu looks towards the house feeling strange.

The episode ends.