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The episode starts with Chandra and Anu discussing about ethnic day celebration. Chandra asks Anu’s suggestion. Anu says that they can ask all their staff to come wearing a special dress that will represent the indian culture for the etnic day celebration, but whatever they wear, they should use their brand clothes. Chandra gets impressed with Anu’s idea and praises her. Anu says that he and Surya are giving her chance to think differently and brings her thinking out. Chandra says that they will discuss this idea with Surya and will elaborate it. Anu adds that Devanandhini saree to sponsor staff’s dresses so that everyone can participate in this event.

Meera informs to Chandra that they can’t discuss with Surya because he’s already left, and told that he will not come office tomorrow. Chandra says that Surya has been upset since morning. He then tells Meera about Anu’s idea and he missed to listen to Anu’s idea. Meera says what the use for Surya to listen to her idea, when he will not attend the etnic day celebration. She praises Chandra’s professionalism and indirectly taunts Anu. Chandra says that there’s no use anything without emotional connection with it and thanks Anu for teaching it to him. He leaves.

Anu stops Meera and asks if Surya really left. Meera asks why she would lie. Surya hates liars and she’s his brought up, so sge also hates liars. She leaves. Anu gets upset thinking that Surya left because she lied to him. Pankaj phones Sharda and says that Surya will not come home since he has told that he will stay in the guesthouse. Sharda reminds him about convincing Surya for the marriage. She then asks that Surya seems upset in the last few days and asks if there’s any problem in the office. Pankaj says work pressure. Sharda asks Pankaj not to disturb Surya. She adds that she will not call him, he can call her when he feels to talk to her.

Anu comes to Surya cabin with a note. She says that she can’t express her heart when he’s infront of her so she has come now. She admits it will not solve the problems in anyway, but she needs to pour her heart out. She apologizes to Surya. She imagines Surya in front of her. She asks what she’s doing when he’s not here. She shows him the sorry note. Surya says that it will not solve the problem and he disappears. Anu says sorry and adds that she can’t think properly when he ignored her, so she acted like that, and requests him not to ignore for her mistakes. She palces the sorry note in Surya’s laptop and closes it.

Surya reaches the guesthouse. He thinks that he doesn’t whether their increasing closeness brings problems between them or these problems bring them more closer. He adds that he was shocked on seeing her wearing such dress, it’s not whether that dress suited or not, but she was different from the Anu that he knows. He’s least bother whether others understand this or not, but he wants Anu to understand him. He should have make her understand this, but his anger blinded his eyes and says sorry Anu. He understands now that nothing it was her mistake, but he fails to understand it that day. He admits that he failed to explain to her everything clearly and this’s his mistake.

Pankaj comes to guesthouse to check everything is fine and asks the servant not to disturb Surya. He goes to Surya. The latter is surprised on seeing him and asks to leave him alone. Pankaj says that he has come to jusy check if everything fine.

The episode ends.