Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 21st May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mansi sharing her doubts regarding Surya’s act with Chandra. Mansi asks why Surya assembled all of them in the guesthouse and says that she finds something is fishy. She then asks why Surya called them for the project work. Surya has done many projects work earlier and he never involved in those projects. Chandra says that he would call them, so that they understand the staffs well. Mansi calls it foolishness. She says that she’s going to ask Surya straightway what the matter is. Chandra asks Mansi to utilize this opportunity to talk to Anu. Mansi says that she can’t do it with Meera’s presence.

Gopi comes there. Mansi asks him to bring juice for her. Gopi says that he checked the kitchen there’s no any utensils to cook. Chandra asks Gopi not to irritate Mansi more. Chandra tells that Surya do not do anything without any reason and asks Mansi to wait. Mansi tells Gopi to find out why Surya assembled all of them here. Gopi agrees and leaves.

Pankaj and Surya are in the terrace. Pankaj asks Surya why he called Mansi, Chandra and the staffs here. Pankaj asks how long they are going to stay here and if he understands its not easy to arrange food, things for all of them all of a sudden. Pankaj further says that he knows Mansi and Meera aren’t in good terms yet he called them here. Surya doesn’t reply and keeps drinking the tea. Pankaj keeps questioning Surya. The latter tries to divert the topic asking about what dishes he arranged for lunch.

Chandra comes to Surya and tells that he’s getting bored here, so he’s going to the office to attend a meeting. Pankaj intervenes and tells Chandra to attend the meeting online. Chandra agrees without any other option and leaves from there. Pankaj asks Surya to say anything. Surya asks again about lunch. Pankaj leaves from there getting irritated.

They all gathered for lunch. Gopi asks Pankaj why all were suddenly come here. Pankaj scolds him and asks him to mind his business. After lunch, Meera asks what to do next. Surya tells that they have to start their work from tomorrow onwards. Meera asks that they could have done this from office. Surya scolds Meera. Pankaj tells that Surya doesn’t do anything without any proper reason. Mansi asks what’s that reason. Chandra tells her that Surya already told it’s for a project. Mansi tells that she wants to know which project. She leaves getting angry. Chandra apologizes to Surya and goes after her.

Anu tells that she’s missing her parents. Meera taunts Anu. Surya asks Anu to not worry and tells that he will take care of each and everyone’s needs. Later Meera asks Pankaj about the project. Pankaj asks Meera to ask Surya directly. Meera tells that Surya responds harshly if she asks him. Pankaj asks her to keep quiet and walks away.

Pushba and Ramya come to the guesthouse. Anu gets elated on seeing them. Pushba have a friendly talk with Dheena and Swapna. Surya comes there and welcomes Pushba. Anu asks why he called her mother. Surya tells that she was missing her parents, so he called Pushba and Ramya. Anu asks about Subu. Pushba tells that he has pain, so Poorni took her to the hospital. They all have a talk.

The episode ends.