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The episode starts with the traffic police stopping Sambath, Anu and Ramya for three people traveling on the same scooty. Ramya explains to the police that they have searching for a place. Meanwhile Anu gets vision of Surya calling her and walks away. Ramya and Sambath are talking with the police, so they didn’t notice Anu. They are asked to pay the fine. Ramya looks for Anu as they don’t have enough money and gets shocked not finding her. They request the police to pay the money later on and go to find Anu.

At the office, Surya is worried for Anu. He phones Meera and enquires if Anu is on leave. Meera checks and replies positively. Other side, Sambath and Ramya are unable to find Anu. They decide to inform Surya. Ramya calls Surya and says that they have come searching for Devanandhini’s old factory and they were stopped by traffic Police and in the meantime Anu went missing. Surya says that he knows where Anu must’ve gone and asks them to leave.

Swamyadi tells that Anu reached her destination and her memories will welcome her there. Here Anu reaches the factory. She sees Devanandhini name board. She feels strange while touching it. She sees Surya there. He asks her to come and then disappears. She then finds a tree and the letter ‘A’ and ‘D’ craved on it. She touches that letters and feels like Surya’s hand on hers. She says that this place, this tree, everything seems very familiar and wishes that Surya could be here with her. Anu goes inside the factory. Other hand Surya is seen driving the car. He’s trying to contact Pankaj, but he’s not answering the call.

Anu gets shocked on seeing the mentally unstable beggar inside the factory. The beggar says that she will get mental like him and asks Anu to leave the place immediately. Anu runs from there and the beggar runs after her.

Other side of the factory, Pankaj is shown burning some papers. Anu comes running there and she gets hit on a tree and falls unconscious. Pankaj notices Anu and then the beggar. Pankaj chases that begger from there. Pankaj tries to wake Anu. Just then Surya comes there. He gets worried on finding Anu unconscious. Surya picks Anu in his arm and places her in the car. Pankaj drives the car off.

Surya is worried for Anu and asks Pankaj to go to the hospital. Pankaj says that she’s just fainted and will regain consciousness in few mins. Surya says that Anu is impatient and curious to know about the factory. He told her many times that he will tell her about it and asks her to wait, but she didn’t listen to him. Pankaj suggests taking Anu to her home. Surya agrees and asks Pankaj to inform Poorni, who is a nurse.

Pankaj phones Pushba and tells that they’re bringing an unconscious Anu home and asks if Poorni is at home. Pushba informs Poorni about the same and worries about Anu.

The episode ends.