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The episode starts with Ragupathi telling to take revenge on Anu for his insult. Subu finishes reading Sundara Kandam. Anu and Pushba tries to talk to Subu. The latter silently lies on the bed covering his with the bedsheet. He cries. The next morning, Anu gets ready for office. She checks her mobile. She wonders what must have happened yesterday that Surya didn’t even text her. She wonders how to ask her dad about the same.

Anu and Pushba notice Subu sitting silently. Subu remembers what happened in Surya’s office. Anu tries to cheer him up. Anu asks him what happened and requests him to talk. Pushba also asks him to speak for Anu’s sake. The latter asks what happened yesterday. She requests him to tell if she has done any mistakes. Subu cries. He apologizes to Anu saying he was wrong. Anu and Pushba asks him not to cry. Anu says her dad can be wrong.

Subu says he blindly trusted Neel. He decided to get her married to Neel without knowing anything about him and without her consent. He gets emotional saying he has lost. He keeps apologizing to Anu. The latter gets emotional. Pushba says she believes whatever her Subu will do is for the good. He can’t blame himself for the mistake he didn’t commit. She further tells he is the best dad in the world. Anu also agrees with Pushba.

Subu receives Neel’s letter in which he says he couldn’t meet them before leaving to abroad. He thanks them for the love and care they give and apologizes to them. Subu says Neel reached them that they shouldn’t take any decisions without knowing all facts. Pushba says he never said he will marry Anu. Anu agrees with Pushba. She says people will come and go in life we must not overthink about the same. Anu and Pushba cheer him up. Subu smiles and hug them.

Anu’s aunt Poorni, who is a nurse, comes to stay at Subu’s house. Anu and her parents are happy to see her. They have a talk. Then Anu and Subu leave for work. At Surya’s house, the latter comes downstairs. Sharda asks him if he’s not going to the office to which Surya replies no. Sharda finds Surya upset. She wonders what happened to Surya. When he returned home yesterday, he straight away went to the secret room. She thought he will get better morning but he is still upset. ]

Mansi comes there with Chandra. She asks Surya to give a special appearance in her YouTube video in order to increase her fame. Sharda thinks this is a good idea to divert Surya. Sharda supports Mansi. The latter thanks her. Mansi requests Surya for the shoot. Surya looks on.

The episode ends.