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The episode starts with the cops questioning Pushba. The latter defends Surya when the cops accuses him of Mansi’s murder. Vansanthi asks how she can be so sure about Surya’s innocence. Pushba says that she knows that Surya can’t do like this. Vasanthi threatens Pushba saying that they will take Anu under their custod since there are chances for Anu and Meera joining hands and murdering Mansi for money. Pushba denies it and says that Anu can never betray Surya and moreover Mansi and Chandra share a good relationship with Anu. Pushba says that they all are innocent and her instinct is saying that Mansi is alive. She asks them to find Mansi. The cop says that he doesn’t need her advise and asks her to leave. Vasanthi says to Muthu that Pushba seems very innocent. She adds that they didn’t find anything fishing in all the people that they have interrogated so far. Muthu gets frustrated that they can’t find any clue.

Dheena comes to Ramya and asks what she has decided about his love proposal. Ramya that this isn’t the right time to think about love. Dheena tries to convince her. Meera comes there and asks what they’re talking about. Dheena gives some excuse and tries to move away. Meera asks Ramya if Dheena proposed her to which Ramya nods yes. Meera calls out Dheena and questions him about the same. Dheena denies it shocking Ramya. He says that he pranked on Ramya as she’s also doing pranks on her. Meera scolds him and sends away. Meera then gives Ramya lectures about love. Ramya apologizes to Meera for Pranking on her the other day.

Vasanthi enquires Ramya, Sapna and Dheena. Ramya tells about Surya and Anu’s first meet and how she got job on Surya’s company. Vasanthi asks the trio if they know who killed Mansi. The trio says that they don’t know. Vasanthi tells Sapna and Dheena to leave and questions Ramya if Anu is involved in this murder. Ramya says that Anu has no motive to kill Mansi. Vasanthi says that no one can have a successful professional career like Anu at this young age. She then asks how Surya and Chandra like Anu so much. Ramya says that Anu’s nature is like that. Vasanthi asks then why Meera hates Anu. Ramya says that Meera and Anu has some differences in professional level. Vasanthi asks about the professional relationship between Surya and Anu. Ramya says that Surya likes Anu’s working style. He trusts her and discuss about everything with her as his company got lot of profit because of Anu’s idea. Vansathi says that Surya could’ve also shared his murder plan with Anu as well and asks If Anu shared with her about this. Ramya refuses and defends Anu.

Later Anu has called for enquiry. Muthu tells Anu to tell the truth without hiding anything. Anu confidently says that they all are innocent which surprises the cops. Muthu asks about the Russian project details. Anu says that the project hasn’t come, so they left. Muthu asks if anything dramatic didn’t happen in that three days. Anu recalls Pankaj telling her to hide the murder attempted happened on her. Anu lies nothing dramatic happened. Muthu loses his temper and vents out his frustration on Anu and threatens to beat Anu up, if she refuses to tell the truth. Anu cries getting scared.

The episode ends.