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The episode starts with Ramya asking Anu if she’s dull thinking about Surya and trying to cheer her up. Chandra calls Anu and talks about the event. He then says that Surya isn’t well, so he has gone to his guesthouse to rest. Anu gets worried about Surya’s health and expresses it to Ramya. The latter asks Anu to go to Surya and have a talk. Anu hesitates, but Ramya convinces her.

Anu reaches Surya’s guesthouse. Surya thinks the servant has come and asks not to disturb him. Anu silently comes and stands in front of Surya. Surya gets suprised on seeing Anu there. He notices that she wore saree and also the necklace that he bought for her. Anu moves close to him. She asks how he’s doing. Surya asks what she’s doing here, who told her about his whereabouts. Anu keeps questioning him. Surya says that he’s tired of answering her questions. Anu says sorry for lying to him the other day. She further says that she lied to him to avoid his anger. He asks why she has come here. She says that she learnt that he’s not well, she cares for him so she has come and also she wants to pour her heart to him in private. The other day she tried to talk to him, but he wasn’t ready to listen to her. She asks why he’s staying here alone. Surya asks if she has come to blame him for everything. Anu becomes teary eyes and requests him to trust her. Surya assures her that he always trusts her.

Surya asks the reson she wore that dress for the board meeting and asks if Pankaj or Meera are behind it. Anu says that the circumstances are the reason and requests him to believe her. Surya repeats that he believes her. He adds that he got worried for her health the other day the same way she’s worried for him today. Anu says that he cares for her so much, but he didn’t give a chance to explain her situation.

Anu says to Surya that Meera had taken her to her home the same day he got angry with her and tells him about what all happened there and cries. Surya wipes her tears and apologizes to her for his rude behavior. Anu also apologizes to him for lying to him. Surya smiles.

Surya makes Anu sit. He explains her that he wanted to be alone to think and take an important decision in his life, so Pankaj must’ve lied to his family that he’s not well. Anu confronts Surya and says that the other day he confessed his love thinking that she was sleeping, but she heard his confession and asks why he’s hiding it from her. Surya asks her to forget it considering as a dream. Anu keeps asking him about it. Surya says that this is the problem with her age group people. Anu asks him not to talk about age differences between them to which Surya replies that they should accept the fact. He asks Anu to go to the office and enjoy the ethnic day celebration. Anu asks him to come to the office as well, if he’s not angry with her and cries. Surya consoles her.

The episode ends.