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The episode starts with Mansi asking Surya why he’s giving so much importance for that jasmine plant. Surya is smiling remembering Anu, so he doesn’t hear Mansi. Seeing Surya not responding, Mansi angrily walks away. Anu gets ready for office. She walks lost in her thoughts. She’s upset that she couldn’t talk or meet Surya since yesterday. She thinks of calling him but then changes her mind. Pushba comes running calling out Anu. She gives Anu her lunch box and scolds for daily forgetting to take the lunch box. Pushba further tells Anu, as she asked to make Manathagali kuttu, her dad made the dish for her. Anu remembers Surya cooking the same dish. She happily thanks her mom and leaves. Pushba finds Anu’s behavior strange.

Surya is on the to office. He remembers Anu telling him she will be waiting for the day where the jasmine will bloom and he will express his feelings for her. Surya thinks he shouldn’t talk about it in phone call and decides to surprise her. At the office, the staff appreciates Surya’s live cooking. Surya asks Anu if she didn’t watch the video. Anu says she has brought the same dish for lunch and her dad had made it. Surya leaves asking Anu to come to his cabin.

The staff are discussing about Surya. They find Surya very happy today. Meera comes to the office. She asks the staff what they’re talking about. Yamuna says they were discussing about Surya’s live cooking video. Meera happily asks Sir has come. Deena says Surya is in an important discussion with Anu and it’s better no one disturbs him. Meera gets irritated. She asks them all to get back to their work.

Anu asks Surya the reason behind his happiness. Surya says he wants to talk about an important matter. He asks to call Meera and Pankaj. Otherside Meera is irritated that Anu is with Surya and expresses it to Pankaj. She receives Anu’s call. Anu says Surya called her and Pankaj to his cabin. Meera sarcastically asks if should bring Spinach dish along. Pankaj says she should behave like this, as Anu is calling her from Surya’s cabin. She says she can’t tolerate Anu’s unprofessional attitude.

At Surya’s cabin, Surya tells to Meera and Pankaj tomorrow is Chandra’s wedding day. Meera says she was thinking to remind him about the same. Surya says he doesn’t forget such things. Meera sarcastically says nowadays he’s very busy. She then asks what are arrangements she should make. Surya asks them to talk to Sharda regarding the same. They leave. Surya stops Anu saying they need to discuss which irritates Meera.

Anu says she tried to call him but she couldn’t reach him. She then asks why he had left the office that day without telling to anyone. Surya asks to leave that matter. He asks why she tried to call him. Anu says she wanted also to tell about her aunt have come to stay at her house. Surya pulls her leg. Anu thinks in mind that Surya doesn’t say anything about the plant. Surya thinks she beats around the bush to know about the plant.

Anu starts telling why she tried to call him yesterday, but Surya cuts her saying they can talk later as he’s busy now. Anu gets annoyed that he didn’t even invite her for the function and starts leaving. Surya calls out. He invites her to the get-together organized at her house. He forwards his hand to shake saying it’s his wish. Anu happily holds his hand saying she will definitely come. The both share an eyelock while the title track plays in the BG.
Anu happily leaves while Surya looks at his hand smiling. The both leave to their respective house thinking about each other.

In the same evening Anu is embroidering Surya’s name. Ramya asks she’s making gift for Chandra. Anu says she will gift something else to Chandra, this is secret gift for Surya. At Surya’s house, all are discussing about Chandra and Mansi’s wedding anniversary party. Surya says he has invited an important guest to the party. Sharda asks who’s that important guest.

The episode ends.