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The episode starts with Narayanan going to everyone in the family and trying to tell the truth about Anu, but everyone talks about something else and leaves without listening to Narayanan. Finally Narayanan ends up telling to Surya Prakash’s that Anu is Surya Prakash company’s staff. For a minute, Surya gets shocked, he takes over his emotions and says he already knew about it, in fact he had sent Anu to that office to find a thief and she succeeded in her mission. He adds that if he doesn’t believe him, Anu herself will tell him about that mission, but she will also inform to Annammal who hired her. Narayanan gets scared and he says he believes him.

Annammal’s family reaches the location where Boomi will puja takes place. Annammal is about to start performing the puja, Krishna comes there. He starts scolding Srinivasan. Annammal interrupts him saying it’s not right to insult his son like this in front of all. Krishna says they have trapped his son with their ill-fated daughter, and starts speaking-ill about Annammal and Suryavamsam family. Srinivasan warns him not to speak a word against Suryavamsam family.

Krishna ass Annammal instigated him to speak against his dad. He raise his hand to slap Srinivasan, but Padma comes and stands between. Krishna says Srinivasan is his son and he has all right to slap. Padma holds his hand and says now he’s her husband. Krishna gets furious and taunts Annammal’s family and her husband. He pours the water that’s in the pot on his head cutting all his with Srinivasan. He leaves from there.

Krishna informs his wife that he had cut all his ties with Srinivasan. His wife criea asking why he did like this. Just then Surya Prakash comes there along with Pankaj. Krishna recalls seeing him as servant in Annammal’s house. Surya Prakash gets seated and presents him as Surya Prakash the owof Surya Prakash groups of companies, to whom he wanted to sell the land. Surya says he doesn’t want that land anymore and gives a blank check to Krishna.

The latter says he was working as a maid in Annammal’s house to get that land, now he’s giving him, he doesn’t understand which one to believe. Surya says he will not face any loss if he can’t build a factory in that land. He can’t say Padma and Srinivasan in tears. He doesn’t want to build his factory over a girl’s tears. He requests Krishna to accept Padma and Srinivasan. He leaves from there along with Pankaj leaving behind a confused Krishna.

Surya tells Anu that they should end all this acting and return to Chennai. Anu keeps requesting him to stay here until they get that land. Pushba scolds Anu for talking against Surya. Anu insists Surya not to give up when they’re close to get that land. Pusha says there’s no sign that Annammal will give this land to them Surya says he can’t tolerate Padma crying. They shouldn’t build their factory over a girl’s tears. They shouldn’t get her curse. He’s already not able to come out of one bad dream.

Anu says no one can assure us that Padma’s problem will be solved, if we leave, what if Krishna try sell that land that land to someone else. Surya reveals to her that he already met Krishna and exposed his true identity, they should tell the truth to Annammal and the family before Krishan says and should leave from there. Surya orders Anu as her boss that the next day they’re leaving from there after telling all the truth.

Saradha calls out Sundaram. He comes to Annammal. The latter takes Surya to the dinning table and asks him to take seat. Surya first hesitates then gets seated. Annammal serves him food and asks what’s the name of curry. Anu, Pusha and Annammal family members come there. Surya asks Annammal why she’s serving food to a cook. Annammal says he’s not a cook and asks Surya to say who he’s. Surya realizes his truth is come and stands up. Everyone looks at him curiously while Anu and Pushba looks tensed.

The episode ends.