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The episode starts with Annammal disclosing to the family that Sundaram is Surya Prakash, the owner of Surya Prakash’s group of comapany. Surya tries to explain her, but she shuts him. She throws a magazine in which Surya Prakash’s photo is printed. Annammal says she surprised to know that the business tycoon Surya Prakash is acting like this to just get their land. Surya tries to speak again, but Annammal cuts him again. She then reveals that Anu is an employee of Surya Prakash’s group of company and CEO of Devanandhini sarees section, they all are acting in this house to get that land. She asks Surya if he only wants that land or the whole property of Suryavamsam.

Pushba says Surya sir himself is a rich businessman, who has more than 1000 lands. Annammal asks then why he wants their land. Surya says they have decided to tell her all truth and leaves from there, but before that she got to know about everything. Annammal asks how she can trust them. Surya asks to Surya Prakash how low he can stoop for a land. Anu tries to explain him, but Surya stops her saying they acted in a very disgusting way. He feels like everything was a drama.

Annammal says they can’t even scold them as they really thought them as their family, so she asks them to leave immediately. Surya tries again to tell them the truth, but this time Anu stops him saying none is in the state to understand their words. She says she really considered Surya as his brother and Surya Prakash and Pushba have come here for her protection. She admits that they have come for their land, but their intention isn’t to cheat them. Anu, Surya Prakash and Pushba leave from there.

Otherside Sam gets kidnapped by few goons. Annammal family members are angry with what happened and discussing about how Surya Prakash and Anu fooled them staying in their own house. Annammal says Surya Prakash has come disguised as cook to avenge his brother’s insult and he used Anu for his revenge. Surya gets a call. A goon threatens to kill Sam, if they don’t give that land to Surya Prakash. Surya tells the same to her family. Annammal asks Chandru to call Police. Surya goes to stop Surya Prakash before he leaves this city and bring Sam.

Surya Prakash, Anu and Pushba are shown going in car. Anu apologizes to Surya for the humiliation that he has faced because of her. Surya asks her to leave it, they will regret their act, once they will get to know the truth. Anu says she’s also sorry for not able to realise his dream project.

Surya assures her that she will get a big victory than this one. Suddenly a car comes and stops in front of Surya Prakash’s car. Surya argues with Surya Prakash asking where’s Sam. He holds Surya Prakash’s collar. Surya says he doesn’t have such chaep mentality. Police comes there and says they got complaint against Surya Prakash. They take him with them. Mayil phones Meera and informs that Annammal has thrown everyone out of the house after knowing the truth. Then Pankaj phones Meera and explains her the situation. Meers gets shocked and says she’s coming.

At the police station, the inspector receives commissioner’s call. The inspector asks Surya Prakash to get seated and asks what’s the need for him to come to this village and act as a cook. Surya shouts asking the inspector to investigate Surya Prakash. Krishna comes there and tries to talk to Surya, but the inspector asks him to stand in a corner quietly. Pankaj and Meera come there with the gaurds.

Surya Prakash explains to Surya that he hasn’t kidnapped Sam. Surya asks then why the kidnappers took his name and holds his collar. Pankaj gets furious and slaps Surya. Surya Prakash warns Pankaj and asks him not to do anything without asking him. Surya starts speaking ill about Surya Prakash. Krishna intervenes and says he is mistaking Surya Prakash and tells what happened after Boomi puja. Surya Prakash says he doesn’t need to kidnap Sam if he wants that land, moreover he wouldn’t have acted these many days as cook, if he had wanted to kidnap anyone.

Pankaj calls Surya ungrateful that he has forgotten how Surya Prakash saved his family members’ life. Surya Prakash says he will not leave this city until they find Sam. He asks to think Surya if Sam has any enemies, who could kidnap her. Police asks for Sam’s passport details. Surya phones his mom and asks to give him Sam’s passport details. Jayanthi goes to Sam’s room to get her passport. Shankaran worries that if Jayanthi sees Sam’s passport, Sam’s truth will come out.

The episode ends.