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The episode starts with Mansi returning and arguing with Chandra about not putting effort to search her. Chandra cries asking her not to leave her. Meera tells that she won’t react like this if she learns what happened here. Mansi says that she doesn’t care and tells Chandra that she will divorce him and leaves from there. Pankaj tells Chandra to go and convince Mansi. Pushba asks Meera if Mansi will really divorce Chandra. Meera says that this their usual nok-jhok and they will patch up soon. Pankaj apologizes to all for troubling them and thanks for their cooperation. Sapna says that they all are happy that Surya is proven innocent. Dheena Gopi and Sapna leave. Meera asks where Surya suddenly disappeared. Pankaj says that Surya left by his wish and tells that he will explain her later. Meera, Anu, Pushba and Ramya also leave. Pankaj wishes that Surya return soon. He thinks that he knows where Surya went, but he should’ve gone there.

Ramya tells Sambath what happened in the guest house shocking the latter. Ramya further says that Surya is missing and even Anu doesn’t know about his whereabouts. Ragupathi comes there and says that Anu is lying. He asks Ramya where Surya is, if he’s running away from the police. He asks if Anu shared anything about Surya with her. Ramya denies and says that neither she nor Anu know about this and leaves from there.

Pankaj is seen traveling in the car. He dials Surya’s number and finds its switched off. He sends a voice message asking Surya to come back soon. At Anu’s house, the latter reveals what happened in the house to Sunu and Poorni. Poorni says that Surya is a influenced person and he could’ve solved this matter easily, then why he didn’t do anything. Anu agrees with Poorni and says that Surya wasn’t there and they don’t know where Surya is. Poorni is surprised and asks Surya didn’t inform her too. Anu asks why he would inform her, when he didn’t tell Pankaj or Meera. Poorni says that after all Anu is head of Devanandhini’s head. Anu repeats that he didn’t inform her. Pushba says that it good he’s not there, he could’ve worsened the situation with his anger. Anu denies this. They then talk about Meera and praise her. Anu gets ready to leave for office, Poorni and Pushba ask her to rest taking off. But Anu says that there are lot of bending work in the office.

Swamiadi comes to Surya’s house. Mansi and Chandra get surprised on seeing Swamiadi there and discuss between them that they have reached home today only and how Swamiyadi knows this. Swamiyadi answers them in puzzled words which confuses Mansi and Chandra. Sharda also returns home from pilgrimage. Swamiyadi tells Sharda that soon her daughter will come to this house which makes Sharda happy. Meanwhile a tantric tells that they all have to come to this house that’s the destiny and laughs.

The episode ends.