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The episode starts with Surya putting the mud in a pot. Elsewhere Pankaj is looking for Surendar with his men. He searches for Surendar in an incompleted building. He finds a desk and surendar’s belongings on the table. He also finds notes in which it’s is written that the bird is has flown away.

Sharda is surprised to see Surya planting the sapling. They discuss about the happiness one gets by planting a sapling with his own hands. Surya takes the plant to place it in his room balcony. Sharda feels happy recalling Swamiyadi’s words.


Anu is praying to Goddess that Surya should confess his feelings for her. She takes her parents blessings. Subu advices her to answer easy questions first than the tough one. Anu says he’s been repeating the same advices since her 1st standard. Subu says she will always remain a kid for them. Subu wishes all the best for her exams.


Ramya gets ready to leave. Sambath gives the hall ticket to Ramya. The latter asks Sambath not to tell to Anu what happened in their house. He wishes her all the best.


Anu and Ramya are walking on the road discussing about the exams. They get into an auto. It’s revealed that Surendar is disguised as the auto driver. Surya phones Pankaj to know where he’s. Pankaj informs Surya that Surendar escaped. Surya tries to calm Pankaj. Pankaj says he won’t be at peace until he finds Surendar.


Anu and Ramya are revising the lessons. Anu recalls Surya’s words. Surrender plays music which disturbs them. Anu requests him to turn off the music as they are preparing for the exams.

They reach the college. Anu pays the auto. Surendar gives her back the remaining 2 rupees and says Surya company’s slogan which surprises Anu. He then gives a smiley ball wishing all the best for her exams. Ramya and Anu find the auto driver bizarre.


Anu hears Surya’s voice. She turns to find Surya. Pankaj is standing with Surya’s body guards at some distance away from Surya. Anu gets elated. She runs to him. She expresses her excitement of seeing him. She says she can’t believe that he is here. Surya says he has come to wish her good luck. Anu thanks him. Surya adds he can’t wait for her to come back the work.

Anu says she feels to rejoin the office immediately. Surya says exams are very important. Anu says she has worked hard for her exams. Surya gifts her a pen to write the exams. Anu thanks. She says she will rock the exams. They share a smile. Anu plays with the smiley ball throwing it on air. Pankaj looks on shocked. Surya asks why she has brought a ball for the exam, if she’s stressed.

Anu says the automan, who has dropped them, has given her this ball. She adds he was bizarre and he also told his company’s slogan. Surya takes the ball from Anu. He wishes her all the best.

Anu vawes Surya bye and goes inside along with Ramya. Pankaj questions Surya about the ball. Surya asks Pankaj to relax. He says some auto driver has given the ball to Anu. Just then Pankaj and Surya notices an auto and Surendar sitting in the driver seat. They look on shocked.


The episode ends.