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The episode starts with Subu saying to Pushba that Surya is acting weird nowadays. He calls Anu whenever he wants. Pushba calms him down. Anu comes out getting ready. Anu’s parents and her friends get mesmerized seeing her. They compliment her look. Anu walks out accompanied by her friends, Ramya and Sambath. Ramya asks Anu where she’s going. Sambath says that Anu is going to meet Surya. Ramaya asks Anu if it’s true and teases her asking if the climax is today. She insists Anu to tell her. Anu blushes. She tells that she doesn’t know them and leaves smiling. Sambath tells Ramya that Anu certainly goes to meet Surya. Ragupathi overhears them.

Other side, Surya is at his home and is nervous about proposing Anu. Anu is on the way. She smiles remembering her first meet with Surya. She asks the driver to stop at the temple on the way. Pushba and Subu come back from the temple. They notice Ragupathi leaving hurriedly without arguing with them which surprises Pushba and Subu. Pushba and Subu talk about Anu’s marriage. Pushba asks Subu to fix Anu’s marriage soon. Subu tells about his friend’s son.

Meanwhile Surya is practicing how to talk to Anu and propose her. He rehearses getting on knee and holding a flower. Other side, Anu reaches the temple. She recalls Surya asking her to wait for one more day then he will tell her everything. And tells to herself to not get over excited. Surya would have called her to ask about some important file too. She gets upset. The priest blesses Anu that she will get married soon. He gives prasadam to her. Anu smiles.

Surya tries different ways to propose Anu and gets annoyed that he can’t even propose correctly. He decides to ask Anu straight away if she will marry him. He then says that it doesn’t look like Surya’s style, it’s more like Pankaj threatening someone at gun point. He then decides to ask Anu how to propose. He says that Anu will get upset asking if he had called her to ask this. He drops that idea.

Anu stops the car and gets a red rose. Anu tells the driver that it’s not the route for office. The driver says that Surya asked him to bring her home. Anu thinks that she has told her parents that she’s going to the office and decides to inform them that she’s going to Surya’s house. She searches for her phone and realizes that she forgot her phone at home.

Surya is nervous and tries to calm himself down. He says to himself that he’s not dreaming and Anu will come here for real and he’s going to propose her. Anu reaches Surya’s house. Anu starts feeling strange seeing the house. Surya comes out to welcome Anu. He opens the car’s door and forward his hand asking Anu to come. Anu holds his hand and gets down from the car. Anu is still feeling strange.

The episode ends.