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The episode starts with Sharda showing a Devanandhini saree to Mansi. Sharda asks Mansi to wear that saree for the party. Mansi refuses to wear. She says the saree is old fashioned and if she wears it, her friends will make fun of her. Sharda feels bad but she doesn’t show it. Mansi asks Sharda to wear that Saree. Meera comes there. She notices Devanandhini saree and asks Sharda if she’s going to wear it. Sharda says she has brought it for Mansi but she refused to wear. Meera praises the uniqueness of Devanandhini saree and asks Sharda to wear. Shada also agrees with her.

Anu is in store searching for the reference file. She takes a file out and asks Shankaran if it’s the correct one. Shankaran asks her to put back that file. He tells not to touch any files that are there. Pankaj will get angry if he comes to know. Anu puts the back the file. Anu nods ok. Shankaran leaves. Anu puts back the file. She notices a register with the name Devanandhini on it. She takes the register and leaves through it. She sees Devanandhini signature. She starts feeling strange and having some blurred flashes. She suddenly faints. Shakaran comes back. He wakes her up by spraying some water. She takes her to the first aid room.

Surya comes there. Shankaran informs Surya about Anu’s condition. Surya gets worried and rushes to the first aid room. Surya sees Anu lying unconscious. He calls out Anu’s name. He asks the nurse to bring the doctor. Shakaran also leaves. Surya is sadly looking at Anu. Suddenly the wind’s speed increases.

At Surya house, Sharda Mansi, and Meera are sitting in the hall. suddenly they hear a glass breaking sound. The trio gets up looking towards upstairs. Pankaj also comes there. Mansi says the sound must be come from Surya’s secret room. She suggests to go and check, but sharda and Pankaj stop her.

Sharda says it’s not right to go to Surya’s personal room when he’s not at home. Pankaj says the sound must be come from the party’s arrangements that’s happening in upstair. Sharda also agrees with Pankaj. The latter leaves with Meera to check the arrangements. Mansi wonders what’s inside that room that evertime she talks about that room, sharda becomes tensed.

Someone from office informs that Anu has fainted. Pushba informs the same to Subu and leaves for the office. Ragupathi notices Pushba he starts talking to himself and badmouth Anu and her family.

Doctor checks Anu and tells she’s absolutely normal. Surya asks then why she has fainted. Doctor says sudden stress could also dizziness and leaves. FM gives Anu’s bag and leaves. At Surya’s house, Mansi scolds Meera for not being able to arrange a mehndi artist for her. Sharda offers to put Mehndi but Mansi says her design are old fashioned. Sharda assures her she will put the design she will like. Sharda starts making mehndi designs in Mansi’s hand.

Someone from office informs Pankaj that Anu has fainted while working and she’s taken to the hospital located in their factory. Pankaj leaves for the office. Otherside Surya worries for Anu. He takes out the box he brought to surprise Anu and places it on the bed near her. He gets seated and keeps looking at her and the box.

The episode ends.