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Today the episode begins with Suchitra’s car puncture. Suchitra tells her driver to change the stepney. He says there is no air in it. Suchitra asks him to bring a mechanic. He says no one is available right now.

Indra says everything is going badly. Nakshatra missed the wedding ring, now the car is punched. Suchitra phones Arjun and asked him to come and pick them up. He refuses and tells her that I am far from the village. Later, Suschitra phones Vasu and tells her to arrange the car. Vasu asks Suschitra may I bring an old car. Suchitra didn’t hear properly, she agrees to bring a car.

On the other side, Meenakshi is looking for Anand. Meenakshi thinks I should meet Anand before sunset. She moves towards the temple. On the way to the temple, she notices Elamaran. Meenakshi hides from Elamaran. Later, she moves. She decides to see Anand before sunset. She moves towards the temple. Anand, Suchitra, Nakshatra, Indra are waiting for Vasu. Vasu is coming in the old car. Suchitra is stunned after sees the old car.

Suchitra remembers the past incident and gets nervous. On the other side, Uthra prays before God for Rudra. Chitra’s spirit listens to Uthra’s prayer. Chitra’s spirit considers that Uthra is the right person to save Rudra from Nambothri. Chitra’s spirit appears before her. Chitra’s spirit introduces herself to Uthra. Uthra calls Chitra as a mother. Chitra’s spirit hugs Uthra. Uthra asks a favor Uthra.

Uthra agrees. Chitra’s spirit says that Rudra is trapped in Nambothri’s hand, only you can help her. Uthra agrees to save Rudra from Nambothri. Chitra takes Uthra with her. Suchitra gets nervous and asks Vasu why are you bringing this car. Suchitra lashes out at Anand. Vasu says there is no other car, so that brings it.

It looks like rain. Vasu urges them to get into the car. Suchitra refuses and says this car is a bad omen. Anakilli phones Suschitra and informs that Vennila is in trouble. Muthurasan is going to bring Maya. Anankilli tells her to come soon. Suchitra agrees and gets into the car. Anand drivers the car. Muthurasan meets Maya and pleads to Maya for Vennila.

On the way home, Anand unknowingly knocks Meenakshi in the car. Later, they take Meenakshi home. Muthurasan pleads Maya to come home. The doctor examines Meenakshi and says she is fine. Kalai informs Suschitra that Maya has come home.

Suchitra becomes overjoy after seeing Maya at their house. Maya meets Vennila. Maya asks Vennila to get up. Later, she asks to do some rituals, only then the children will be safe. Vennila agrees to do the ritual. Maya asks Muthurasan to do it together. Muthurasan agrees.

Anand holds Meenakshi’s hand and says that I will marry you or I will die and goes out of the room. Suchitra listens to Anand’s speech.

with this, the episode ends…