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The episode starts with Surya asking Chandru and Mansi if he can join them to have tea. Chandra says to Surya he seems elated. Surya says that the Vellore project is a great achievement. Chandru and Mansi praise Anu’s talent. Surya requests them to keep as secret that Anu has become the head of Devanandhini sarees as he wants to surprise his mom on her birthday. Mansi and Chandra agree. Mansi is glad that Anu defeated Meera.

Other hand, Anu is getting ready to office. Subu and Pushba give her some piece of mind. Subu asks her to be more careful in her job as she got promotion now along with this she also got more responsibilities. Though she completed the Vellore project alone, she should always have her feet firmly on the ground. He then asks if she will start working as the head of Devanandhini sarees from today to which Anu replies no, she will become Devanandhini sarees head when they will announce it conducting a board meeting, until that she has to complete some formalities. Subu qpplies vibuthi on Anu’s forehead and wishes her all the best. Anu leaves for office.

Swamiyadi comes there. She says she has come to alert them. She asks them not to try to control Anu. Anu will follow her fate and they shouldn’t try to change it. Later Subu and Pushba are as usual didn’t understand Swamiyadi’s words and wondering what she tried to convey them. They decide to be more careful.

Pushba goes to empty the dustbin. She comes across Ramya who teases her. Just then a courier boy delivers a courier on Sambath’s name to Ramya. Pushba learns that Sambath’s full name is Azhagiya Sambath. Pushba goes back home. She shares with Subu about Sambath’s full name and laughs. While she’s cooking she recalls that Swamiyadi once told that Anu’s life partner’s name will start with the letter A. She thinks A for Azhagiya Sambath and misinterprets that Swamiyadi told about Sambath, but she thinks Ragupathi doesn’t respect them at all then how she can talk to him again about Sambath and Anu’s marriage. She then remembers that Swamiyadi has told that everything will happen according to Anu’s fate and they shouldn’t try to change it. she wonders how to talk about this to Subu since he will get furious.

Mansi phones Meera and ridicules her. She asks her to congratulate the new chief of Devanandhini sarees on her behalf and hands over the bouquet that she will send. She further says that Surya and Chandru are keep prasing Anu saying that Anu had proved herself, she has completed the Vellore project which is can’t be done even by the Vice President. Meera gets irritated and cuts the call saying she’s getting late for office.

Meera goes to her mom and says that she’s leaving for office, but her mom cries asking her not to leave. Meera feels bad, but she consoles her mom saying she will come back soon and adds that till that Poorni will take care of her. Meera’s mom keeps weeping. Meera asks Poorni to take care of her mom and leaves with half heart.

At the office, FM gives Anu’s name plate to Surya. The latter reads Anu Subramani business head of Devanandhini Fabrics. He keeps it on his table. He happily starts tapping his fingers on the surface of his laptop. Pankaj comes there and smiles looking at Surya. He notices the new name board for Anu on the table.

The episode ends.