Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 27th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pankaj threatening Gopi and telling to not disclose whatever happened here to Mansi or Chandra. Pankaj leaves. Gopi questions Ragupathi why Pankaj has beaten him. Ragupathi scolds him and leaves from there.

Mansi tells Meera that she’s having headache and asks her to make ginger tea for her. Meera tells that she will call Anu as she only knows to make ginger tea. Mansi tells that if she needs to ask Anu, she will do by herself and tells Meera to make tea for her. Meera calls Gopi and indirectly taunts Mansi. Meera tells that she’s busy and asks Gopi to make the tea for Mansi. Mansi tells that Gopi doesn’t need to make tea on someone else’s instruction and angrily walks away.

Mansi complaints to Chandra that Meera is acting rude with everyone and questions if she’s behaving in the same way with him in the office. Chandra denies it and tells that Meera never disrespected him or any other staffs. Mansi tells that Meera is very clever and decides to prove to Meera who she’s. Chandra tells her to do whatever she wants and leaves. Mansi says that Meera is dreaming to marry Surya and she should break that dream.

Pushba and Anu come to the kitchen. Pushba sees Gopi washing dishes. She teases him. Sapna comes there and praises Pushba’s cooking talent. Sapna further tells that she knows Pushba is expert in cooking, but she couldn’t get time to visit her house and taste her food. Pushba tells that she will cook until they all are here. Sapna gets happy. Ramya comes there and tells that it smells good. They all are having a discussion. Surya comes there. On seeing them discussing, he decides to go back, but Pushba stops him and requests to taste the sweet dish she has made. Surya says that he doesn’t eat anything between breakfast and lunch, but he agrees as Pushba insists. Surya tastes the dishes and praises Pushba. He leaves taking the sweet. Sapna tells that even Surya, who is diet conscious, have that sweet.

Anu comes to Surya and asks why he has come to the kitchen. Surya tells just to have a talk with her. He reveals that he made all the arrangements only to spend three days with her. Anu tells that Ramya is right about him. Surya teases Anu and jokes that he wanted to fall for a clever girl like Ramya. Anu glares at him and they laugh. They decide to go to the garden and talk. Meera notices them. She thinks that Surya made all these arrangements to talk with her and even Anu confirmed it, but she doesn’t leave Surya alone. Meera says that Anu is doing it intentionally. She says that she should send Anu from here so that she can talk with Surya freely.

Pankaj comes to Meera and asks her what she’s thinking about. Meera complains that Anu is doing everything intentionally. Pankaj advises her to accept the reality. Meera tells that Pankaj doesn’t know why Surya called all of them here. Pankaj asks what she means. Meera thinks that she can’t trust Pankaj, so she decides to not tell him about it. Meera tells that she can’t tell anything further and leaves from there.

The episode ends.