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The episode starts with Subu telling to Surya that Anu is his only close friend. He has faith that Anu will realise his dream. He wants her to study well and get a degree, if she goes to London, she won’t be able to write exams. Surya says he doesn’t know that Anu’s trip to London will affect her studies. Subu tells that’s not only reason. He further tells that he got to know that Anu is traveling with him alone and he doesn’t feel it’s correct, as people around them would speak bad about Anu.

They are from middle class and they have to worry about what others think and talk about them. Surya says he understands his care for Anu and tells to the latter that she’s not coming to London. Subu thanks Surya for understanding him and takes his leave. Anu looks at Surya sadly before following his dad. Marappadilai Nenje song plays in the background.

In colony, Pushba writing down the things colony resident want Anu to bring from London and takes money from them. Ramya comes there and takes Pushba to a corner to talk.

Subu goes to the temple and prays to Vinayegar. He tells he knows that his decision will hurt Anu, but he doesn’t have any other option. Being a responsible father he had to take this decision to avoid people badmouthing about Anu. He admits that Anu has missed a big opportunity and apologizes for that. He wants Anu to compete her degree so that she doesn’t suffer like him in her life and asks God’s grace for that. Subu gets happy hearing temple bell ringing.

In the colony, Ramya tells to Pushba that subu has gone to talk to Surya about cancelling Anu’s trip and she’s taking list of thinks to get from London and tells people will ridicule her if the trip got canceled. Pushba agrees with Ramya and thinks qhat to do now. She goes and retuns the money to colony residents and tells she will collect the money before Anu going to London.

She gets subu’s call and goes to a corner to speak. Subu tells to Pushba that Anu isn’t going to London as Surya accepted his decision. Pushba tells he should have let Anu to take this opportunity and cuts the call asking him to come home. Ragupathy and Ranjini calls Pushba to go to the corporation office.

In Surya’s office, Swapna scolds Anu, when the latter tells she’s not going to London, as her dad doesn’t want. Neel comes there and tries to cheer an upset Anu. The latter gets irritated and shouts at him asking her to leave alone.

Pankaj asks Surya the reason for his sudden sad face, as he was happy morning. Surya sngrily says nothing. Pankaj asks if he’s sad because Anu isn’t coming to London. Subu refused to send her daughter to London. He mocks Surya saying his dreams are shattered. He was happy that he has gone to meet Anu’s parents but he doesn’t know his hidden intention. Pankaj tells he’s doing everything for his wellbeing. Surya mocks Pankaj saying to have cold Padam milk so that he can have energy to make more plans like this. Pankaj walks away silently.

Pushba and colony residents come to the corporation office. Pushba tells to the area manager that their whole area is smelling of garbage and they already complained about the same, but the problem isn’t yet solved.

The episode ends.