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The episode starts with Pankaj and Surya having a talk. Pankaj suggest Surya to talk to Anu’s parents and his mom regarding his love. Surya sarcastically thanks him and says he will introduce Anu to his mom in this office on her birthday then they will talk to Anu’s parents.

Surya welcomes Anu to the office while her colleagues welcomes her clapping hands. Surya asks Anu if she’s happy to which Anu replies that she’s very happy. She adds that she wants to thank Meera for her success, since if she hadn’t challenged her openly, she wouldn’t have took this project seriously. Surya appreciates her positive approach. He then announces to his staff about their new project, waste segregation and appreciates Anu for suggesting a brilliant idea. He asks her to explain her suggestion to everyone. Anu says they can give reward money to the people who segregate their wastes, by collecting funds.

Pushba phones her relatives and tells that Anu has become Devanandhini sarees’ head. She then suggests Subu to organize a small party to celebrate Anu’s promotion. She goes to invite the colony residents for the party.

Meera comes to the office. She fumes seeing all the arrangements made to welcome Anu. She remembers how Anu challenged her. She cries thinking that she lost to Anu, because Surya helped her, she could’ve won that challenge anyhow, but she didn’t want it since Surya’s pride and this company’s future is more important for her.

Surya finds Meera sitting alone in the conference room. He says he was looking for her, she was not there when he made a big announcement. He adds that it seems like Devanandhini sarees was waiting for Anu so that they didn’t think of making a separate unit before, today is a special day for Anu as well as for him. Surya notices that Meera is crying and asks what happened, if her mom is well. He realizes that she must be sad because she got defeated by Anu. He asks her to forget what happened and says even Anu thanked. He says Anu will be happy if she congratulates her.

Meera start expressing her hatred for Anu. She asks if he can’t see anything else than Anu, she would’ve won the challenge, if he hadn’t helped her. She hates the second place. She asks if he has created this new unit just to make Anu the head. Surya says she is misunderstanding everything, and it must be because of her mom’s illness. Meera says she knows she is professional and asks not give such a lame excuses. She says she has become like unwanted baggage for this office.

Surya shouts to stop. Surya says she must be talking like this because she can’t bear the defeat against Anu. He asks her to admit Anu’s success as she proved she’s talented. Meera asks then she should be in the second place. Surya asks her to stop comparing herself with Anu. Meera yells he’s comparing her with Anu unknowingly. Surya denies he says they both are important for him.

Meera yells that everyone in the office knows that Anu is more important for him than her. She used her innocence as her weapon to achieve it, she tried a lot to keep her away from him, but she failed miserably. She asks Surya why he cares and likes Anu so much, and why she can’t get the same. She confesses that she craves for his love since 10 years. Surya looks shocked. Anu comes there and stand stunned hearing Meera. Meera says that she can’t tell him openly that she loves him and cries.

The episode ends.