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Today the episode begins with Surya Prakesh pours out everything to Anu. Later, he takes Anu along with him. Surya Prakesh and Anu go in a car. Anu wonders where Surya Prakash is taking her. They arrive to the spot. Anu is amazed at the beauty of the place. Anu looks around the beauty of nature. She becomes overjoy after seeing the beauty of the place.

Surya Prakash follows her and she goes and admires all that beauty. Anu asks Surya Prakesh Is this your place?. Surya Prakesh replies that this is the place of nature and I have got it. Anu shares her joy with Surya Prakesh after seeing the place. Anu says to Surya Prakesh that she feels like she is flying in the sky. Surya Prakesh says I will fulfill your wish. Anu asks him how will you fulfill my wish. Surya Prakesh smiles at Anu when she questions. Anu asks him are you magician. Surya Prakesh says I will do anything for you and tells her to close her eyes.

Anu closes her eyes. Surya Prakesh starts counting the number. Anu slightly opens her eyes. Surya notices her and tells her to close the eyes properly. Surya tells her to open her eyes slowly. The Helicopter stands in front of her. Anu is on cloud nine. The helicopter is waiting for Anu. Surya Prakesh takes her to the Helicopter. Anu feels elated. Anu says to Surya Prakesh that this is the first time I am traveling in the Helicopter. The helicopter takes off. She exaggerates while traveling on a Helicopter. Surya Prakesh expresses his love when the helicopter flying in the sky.

Anu is speechless. Surya Prakesh pours out her love to Anu. Anu is quiet. Surya Prakesh tells her to look down. Anu looks down. In the grass it was written that will you marry me. Anu shook her head. Surya Prakesh takes a ring and proposes his love to Anu. Anu expressing her overwhelming happiness when he proposed. Surya Prakesh puts the ring on her hand. On the other hand, Pushpa tells Subu to get some coriander leaves from the shop. Subu refuses to go. Pushpa urges him to go. Subu tells I will not go.

Pushpa argues with Subu. Subu is adamant about his decision. Pushpa calls Anu. Anu left the phone at the phone. Later, Subu agrees to go to the shop after Pushpa’s insistence. Anu and Surya Prakesh get down from the helicopter. Ragupathi notices them together.

Surya asks Anu’s opinion. Anu proposes to Surya Prakash. Anu hugs Surya Prakesh. Ragupathi takes a photo of them while they are hugging. He thinks that this photo will pay off. Surya Prakesh is on cloud nine when Anu accepts his proposal. They spend quality time together. Later, They reach home. Surya tells Anu to stay in his home. Anu tells him to talk to her parents. Surya is ready to talk to her parents. Surya takes her to his house.

with this, the episode ends.