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The episode begins with Anu’s family going in the cab to the temple. Pushpa asks the driver how he correctly reached to their home. The driver says there’s an app for this. She wonders how much the technology has improved. She questions if he earns enough money with a cab driver job. The driver says with their own car one can make more money. Pushba says to Anu that Surya has lot of car and he can use some as a taxi cab to earn money.

Anu glares at her while Subu says Surya doesn’t need to do all this to earn money. Anu recalls her challenge to Surya. She questions the driver how long it will take to reach the temple. The driver says 20 more mins. Pushba taunts Subu saying that if they would have listened to him, they would be still waiting in the bus stand for bus now they will reach the temple fast. Subu asks her to keep her mouth shut.

Pankaj calls Surya and questions where he is. Surya says he is at home. Pankaj says there is two hours left in 24 hours of Anu’s challenge and asks him to stay at home. Surya agrees and cuts the call. The servant brings coffee for Surya. The servant says to Surya that he should have gone for the temple with Shradha. The temple is in 10 min distance. Shrada face was dull while going to temple without him. He asks him to call if he needs anything and leaves. Surya drinks the coffee lost in his thoughts.

Anu’s family reaches the temple. Anu feels strange when she steps into the temple. The temple bells ring. She stops there folding her hands and closing her eyes. Subu and Pushba turns and see Anu standing at the entrance of the temple. They take her inside the temple.

Pushba questions Anu how she found this temple. Anu says Ramya’s friend told her about this temple. Pushba says Godess called them to her temple. While going inside Subu says Surya is there. Anu searches for Surya. Subu shows a board with Prakash group of the company names. Pushba says it could be someone else. Subu is certain it’s Surya’s company name. They go inside.

In the temple, the priest were doing the deity’s marriage rituals. Anu’s family assist to the deity’s marriage. Pushba says they came to the temple praying for Anu’s marriage, but they got the chance to see deity’s marriage. Later they tell the priest they come to do the puja to the deity. The head priest make them sit and do arrangements for the puja.

Surya family also comes to the same temple. One priest come and inform about it to the head priest. The latter goes out to welcome them. While coming inside one employee shows to Mansi Prakash group of company name on the board and says one day her name, Mansi Chandra Prakash will also be in that board. Mansi gets happy.

The head priest asks Shradha about their sudden arrival without informing. Shradha says the deity called them so they come. Mansi asks the priest to prepare for Puja. The head priest asks them to wait as another puja is going on. Mansi says they can’t wait for someone else.

The episode ends.