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The episode starts with Pankaj assuring Surya that he will check in the CCTV room for any clue and asking Surya to go and rest. Anu comes back to her room and lau on the bed. Anu hear again someone knocking on the door. Ramya also wakes up due to that sound. They open the door and finds Surya in front of them. Surya asks Anu if she’s fine. He then tells Ramya to not let Anu go out alone in the night time. Ramya tells that she told her to not go, but she didn’t listen to her. Anu silently moves to the bed and lays on it. Surya says to Rmaya that he will talk to her morning and leaves.

Surya recalls Devanandhini then he remembers Anu and their first meeting and his moments with Anu. He recalls Surendhar’s threatening. He says that he will not let anything happen to Anu, he will protect her. He hid his feelings for Anu for himself as his sins are following him, but the moment he decided that Anu is a world, he also decided to protect at the cost of his live. History shouldn’t repeat again. Title track plays while Surya realls his love proposal to Anu.

The next morning Anu performers puja in front of Tulsi plant. Surya watches her smiling. He asks if she got frightened with the last night incident. Anu tells that she likes to do Tulsi puja as it’s said that the one who does Tulsi puja gets a good life partner. Surya says that she got him then what’s the need for this. Anu says that she wanted to perform the Tulsi puja in the place where Devanandhini used to live. She asks him to join her.

Surya says that he hasn’t got freshen up yet. Anu tells him to take the bath first. Surya doesn’t move and keeps looking at her romantically. Anu tells him to go, but he refuses and smiles. Anu lies that Mansis is behind him Surya gets a jerk and looks behind him. Anu laughs. Surya thinks in mind that the day they will get married will the unforgettable day of his life and he waits for that moment. He smiles and leaves. Anu also prays that their marriage should happen soon. Ramya comes there and teases Anu.

Dheena tells Sapna that Surya shouted at him for asking two days off. Sapna says that Surya never did like this before and tells him it might be due to the secret project and asks him to adjust. Dheena says that the rules are only for them. Anu’s mother and her friend came to stay with Anu, but they have to stay away from their family. Sapna reminds him he’s not alone, she and Meera also staying away from their family. Dheena tells that Meera isn’t like before, she doesn’t say anything to Anu. Everything changed ever since Anu joined the office. Sapna tells him to not overthink. Dheena says that Sapna is Anu’s friend, so she’s taking her side. He angrily leaves.

The episode ends.