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The episode starts with Anu taking Surya’s leave. Surya remembers his last conversation with Pankaj. He decides to confess his feelings to Anu before introducing her to his mom. Otherside Anu’s parents organized a small party in the terrace. The colony people are gathered there. Sambath comes running and looks at the ordered food with excitement. He says he doesn’t know which one to eat first.

Pushba asks them to eat whatever he wants since they have prepared everything for him only. Ramya asks Pushba why she’s suddenly taking extra care of Sambath. Pushba denies and asks her to eat too. Ramya tells to everyone that they are celebrating Anu getting promoted in her office and congratulate her. The colony people congratulate her. Subu and Pushba notice that Ragupathi and Ranjini hasn’t come and ask Sambath and Ramya about the same. They say they didn’t come. The colony people sit to have the food.

Ramya notices Anu keeps looking at the entrance and asks if she has called that Surya for the party. Anu says that she refused him to come, since she doesn’t khow her parents will react, but she wishea that he could come to the party. The colony people appreciate the food. One woman says they should often celebrate such small food party sharing amounts. Another woman talk about conducting election to choose a colony head.

Anu enjoys the party and misses Surya. Pushba says to Sambath that she’s happy that he has attended their party. She talks with him with so much respect which surprises Anu and Ramya. They ask her about the same. Pushba gives some excuses. Subu notices Anu keeps looking at the entrance and asks if she’s waiting for her aunt Poorni. Anu lies yes. Pushba says she has gone to Meera’s house, she will come soon.

Mansi and Chandra are seen arguing about something. Surya comes back home. They call him to decide. Sharda tells Surya that her birthday and she doesn’t want any party for her birthday this year, but Mansi and Chandra aren’t agreeing with her. Surya says if she doesn’t want, they won’t organize any party, but she should come to the office on her birthday, there will be 2 surprises for her. Sharda asks what they are preparing without her knowledge. Chndra is about to spill the beans but Mansi stops him by stepping her foot over his foot. He shouts in pain.

Ramya finds Anu upset and questions her about the same. Anu shares with her about Meera proposing Surya. Ramya gets shocked and says she always doubted her and she warns her to be careful with Meera. Otherside Surya admires the sweater gifted by Anu. He then phones Anu. He asks if he has disturbed her party. Anu says this is just a small party. Surya says he likes such small parties and adds that his best party is the party she has given him. Anu apologizes to Surya for not inviting him, but she keeps thinking about him in the whole party.

Surya apologizes to her for what happened in the office today. He then announces that he decided to introduce her to his mom. Anu gets super excited to meet his mom and says it seems like her big dream is realized. Surya assures her that her all big dreams will realise soon. As Pankaj keeps calling Surya, the latter cuts the call with Anu saying he will talk to her later. Pankaj tells Surya something over phone and he gets shocked.

The doctor is checking Meera’s mom. Surya comes there. The doctor says that she got severe attack and she may fall into deep coma. Meera gets shocked. Surya suggests to shift her to the hospital, Meera says her mom gets scared with the name of hospital, so she’s taking care of her at home. Doctor says if till morning she doesn’t get well, they have to shift her to the hospital. The doctor tells Surya separately that Meera’s mom is mentally weak and anything can happen anytime.

The episode ends.