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The episode starts with Surya calling Anu, who tells that she was thinking to call him to wish him happy journey, but he has called. Surya tells one who really wants to wish will do it meet the person. Anu says she will definitely wish him before he takes the flight. When Surya says he was just joking, Anu teases him asking if he doesn’t want to meet her and adds if he doesn’t want to meet her, he can call and tell her before evening and cuts the call. She thinks smiling she will definitely meet him to wish happy journey even though he doesn’t want to meet her.

Pushba is seen making murukku. Ramya comes there and asks what’s the special occasion. Subu pulls Pushba’s leg saying they are celebrating Pushba’s release. When Ramya asks where’s Anu, Subu checks the wall clock and realizes Anu didn’t yet reach. Ramya is surprised that time is already 7:20, as when she has left home at 7’o clock. Pushba and Subu tells together that they changed the time 10 mins faster and realizes both have changed the time without each other’s knowledge.

Meera calls Anu and asks her to go to another branch for some work which upsets Anu, as she promised to meet Surya before he leaves to London. Neel cuts the call seeing Anu lost in her thoughts. He tells he doesn’t want Meera to scold her so that he cutted the call. When Meera calls Neel, the latter lies they have to come tomorrow to finish the work as they don’t have software to read old accounts and Meera agrees. Neel tells to Anu to wish Surya bon voyage on his behalf too. Anu looks at him surprised. She thanks Neel and leaves. Later it’s revealed that Neel is working for Meera and he was pretending to help Anu. They were intentionally keeping Anu away from Surya.

At office, Meera says Surya should start early to the airport so that he doesn’t get stuck in any traffic jam. When Chandra wants to accompany Surya to the airport, the latter asks him to go home and spend some time with their mom so that she doesn’t feel lonely. Meera wishes bon voyage to Surya. He asks Meera to look after her mom, who’s not well. He checks time in his watch and recalls Anu telling she will definitely meet him before he leaves to London. He gets sad that Anu didn’t yet come to meet him. Pankaj tells he’s running late for the flight.

Chandra reaches home and informs Sharda that Surya left to the airport. Sharda sees him using mobile and says he has lost in the challenge of not using the mobile at home and says Mansi is the winner. She gives him gold earrings and asks him to give to Mansi. Chandra give the gold earrings to Mansi saying it’s his mom’s gift. Mansi refuses to take the gift as she hates gold. She says gold is out of fashion and only old people will wear it. Later she wearing the earrings and shows to Sharda who gets happy. Mansi tells she doesn’t like gold yet she wore the earrings as Sharda gifted it her. Chandra also joijs them and they have a family time.

Surya is sad as Anu didn’t wish him good luck for London trip. He asks Pankaj about Anu. Pankaj tells Neel and Anu would have gone home after their work and adds they both are young and would have have dinner together. When Surya thinks of calling Anu, Pankaj stops him.

The episode ends.