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The episode starts with Surya finding the embroidered T-shirt that Anu made for him, on the entrance of his house. He takes the T-shirt with him. At Anu’s house, Anu is still sleeping. Pushba worries about Anu. Poorni assures Anu is fine. She has checked her reports everything is fine. Anu wakes up. She apologizes to Pushba for leaving without informing her. Anu’s parents asks her to take leave for some days from work and take rest. Anu asks what happened to her. She doesn’t remember anything. She tells she’s confused. She asks when she returned home. Pushba says Pankaj dropped her at home.

Anu tells that insane man. Pushba and Poornima wonders what she’s talking about. Anu thinks in mind that means it’s not her dream. Poornima and Pushba asks her to take care rest. Anu wonders if she met Surya or not, why she hasn’t gone to the party. She gets confused whether it’s a dream or real. Pushba worries about Anu’s strange behavior.

Sharda searches for Surya. She asks Chandra where’s Surya. He says he doesn’t. Mansi says she might have gone for office. Sharda says he always keeps up his words. Sharda tells that Mansi has hurt Surya.Chandra asays Mansi’s intention wasn’t to hurt Surya. Mansi apologizes to Sharda. She tells she will talk to Surya once he will come back home. The servant tells Surya has left morning. Mansi scolds him for not telling the same earlier.

At Anu’s house, Poorni tells Pushba not to talk to Anu regarding what happened yesterday. She leaves for hospital. Subu asks Pushba to care of Anu and leaves for textile shop. Pushba goes out to throw the garbages. Anu searches for the T-shirt in her bag. She finds the box that Surya brought. She wonders how this box has come in his back. She opens the box. She remembers she saw the box in the hospital. She thinks then Surya has come to meet her. She then gets flashes all the incidents. She wonders whether it’s all her dream or real.

At the office, Surya tries to find out the reason behind Anu losing consciousness. He questions FM. He asks to bring the file that Anu was checking before fainting. He goes through the Devanandhini Sarees register. He finds few pages are missing. He then looks at the T-shirt. He thinks Anu has really come to his house. He thinks Any must have brought this T-shirt. He wonders why she didn’t come inside. He doesn’t understand what’s happening around him and wonders how to find out the answers for his questions.

At Ragupathi’s house, Ranjini asks Ramya where she’s going. Ramya tells Anu isn’t well, she fainted at the house. Sambath says he’s also coming. Ragupathi and Ranjini ask her to go inside and do the household works. Ragupathi tells Ranjini they should keep an eye on their children. Pushba gives medicine to Anu.

Anu first refuses to have then she takes the medicines. Pushba asks her to sleep. Anu says she’s fine. She then gets some flashes of yesterday incidents. She tells to Pushba that yesterday something happened with her so she fainted. Pushba tells Poorni has said she’s fine. As they’re conversing, Someone calls out Subu’s name. Anu goes to check. She gets happy seeing Surya there.

The episode ends.