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The episode starts with Subu noticing Pushba holding Anu’s phone and asks if Anu forgot her phone at home. On seeing Pushba not answering, Subu and Poorni discuss about Pushba being very quiet. They tease her. Pushba tells Poorni to go to her home and goes to dry clothes. Poorni goes after Pushba and stops her. Poorni asks what happened with her. She then asks if Surya has come. Pushba gets angry and argues with her. Pushba even tells Poorni to mins her business. She then realizes her mistake and apologizes to Poorni. Pushba asks Poorni why she asked about Surya. Poorni twisted her words saying that she asked if anyone from Anu’s office has come. Pushba asks Poorni if she knows any Anu’s colleague, whose name starts with “Nam”. Poorni says that she doesn’t know. Pushba leaves as Subu calls her. Poorni realizes that Pushba got to Know something about Anu’s love matter and decides to learn what it’s before disclosing Anu and Surya’s love matter to Pushba.

Ragupathi phones the mobile service center and learns that his mobile got ready. Sambath hears this and gets tensed. Sharda tells Surya that she has called him to talk about his marriage. She adds that she knows it’s about his personal life, but still she wants to talk about it. Surya says that Sharda has the right to talk about this. Sharda tells that Surya needs a life partner with whom he can share everything. Sharda asks if he loves someone. She assures him that she will talk to the girl family. Surya asks Sharda to give him some time. Ramya and Sambath aren’t unable to find out in which service center, Ragupathi had given his phone. They worry for Anu and decide to tell her to talk to her parents. As Anu didn’t answer the calls, Ramya sends a message to Anu. Ramya gets Anu’s message asking Ramya to meet her.

Ramya and Sambath go to Anu’s house. Pushba tells them that Anu has gone to the office and reveals that she has messaged them. Pusha asks them what Anu should tell her parents. As Pushba keeps questioning them, Sambath lies that Anu’s friend loves someone and sought Anu’s help, but Anu told that she will help her after talking to her parents. Ramya also agrees with Sambath and says that she had texted Anu to tell her parents about the same. Ramya and Sambath leave. Pushba thinks that maybe she misunderstood Anu.

Chandra brings Anu to his house. Sharda gets surprised and happy on seeing Anu. Anu greets Surya, but he responded to her lately. Surya is upset that Anu didn’t pick his calls nor replied to his messages. He wonders whether there’s any problem in Anu’s house and wonders how to ask her. Chandra tells Surya that he has brought Anu here to get a office from the storeroom. Mansi also agrees with Chandra. Surya asks if they all aware about Anu’s arrival. Mansi says that she doesn’t know, but guessed it. They take Anu
to show the storeroom. Surya asks Sharda why Anu has come. Sharda says that Chandra just now told that Anu has come for some official work and she’s the first staff whom Chandra appreciates.

Pankaj also comes to Surya’s house. Sharda asks the servant to make coffee for Pankaj and also Anu. Surya interrupts and says Anu drinks ginger tea. Pankaj mocks Surya stating that he’s aware of Anu’s likes. Sharda also gets surprised that Surya remembers this, when she forgot. Sharda says that Surya cares for his employees.

Pankaj mocks Surya stating that Surya asked to change the files to his house so that he can meet Anu easily. Surya tells that he didn’t bring Anu, but Chandra and he doesn’t the reason. Meanwhile Mansi has a talk with Anu. The latter gets shocked when Mansi asks if any girl is behind Surya.

The episode ends.