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The episode starts with inspector telling to Neel that he’s arrested for filming a video of a government employee. Subu and Anu tells that Neel is innocent and he has come to help them. Police doesn’t listen to them and puts Neel inside the cell.

At office, Surya tells Meera to take Anu with her for Devanandhini saree meeting. When he asks Anu to come to his cabin, Meera says Anu isn’t at office. She has gone telling some emergency. Surya phones Pankaj and asks where Anu has gone. Pankaj informs him Police has arrested Pushba. Surya decides to go to the Police station.

Same day night, Subu and Anu are outside the Police the station. They request the inspector to release Pushba. The inspector advises them to see a good lawyer. When Subu decides to call a lawyer, Pankaj and Surya comes there. Pankaj goes to meet the inspector while Surya is waiting outside in his car.

Pushba starts crying seeing Pankaj and tells she hasn’t done anything wrong. Pankaj starts to talk to the inspector about releasing Pushba. The inspector tells they can’t release her as she has beaten a police officer and they have filed FIR, if they release her now, they have to answer to their higher authorities. When Pankaj says Surya is waiting outside, Inspector panics and runs to meet Surya.

When the inspector sees Surya, he orders the constable to release Pushba immediately. Surya advises the inspector not to misuse his power. The inspector apologizes to Surya. Anu, Subu, Neel and Pushba comes out. The latter cries telling that she hasn’t done anything wrong. She has only asked to clean the garbages. She thanks Pankaj.

Anu, her parents come to their colony along with Surya and Pankaj. Colony residents asks Pushba how she is. Pushba angrily tells them that they have teached a good lesson for helping them. Pushba thanks Surya. Colony residents apologize to Pushba for abandoning her and thanks Surya. The latter advises the residents to keep their surroundings clean. When Surya tells one of the resident has mistreated the cleaning staff, Ragupathi denies it putting the blame on the cleaning staff. Subu and Pushba defends the cleaning staff. Surya says the cleaning staff asks to segregate the garbage so it will make their work easy. They are also humans and they should be treated with respect. Subu agrees with Surya. The colony residents say hereafter they will segregate the garbages. When Ragupathi starts opposing the colony residents’ descion, Subu shuts Ragupathi saying it’s their colony problem and they will handle it.

Anu thanks Surya and they both share a moment. Surya leaves while Anu waves him bye.

At Anu’s house, Subu and Anu sit to have dinner. Subu pulls Pushba’s leg by chanting ‘we want justice’. Anu also joins Subu. Pushba looks at them pouting. Subu tells laughing Pushba will be the only person who went to jail for asking to cleaning the garbages.

The episode ends.