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The episode starts with Subu and Anu teasing Pushba. The latter gets annoyed with them. Later Pushba and Subu talks about Surya. Subu is surprised that Surya himself has come to rescue her. Then Subu and Pushba feel pity for Neel who got in trouble for trying to help her. Pushba says she’s also upset that he stopped Anu from going to London and argues with him. Anu says her dad is right, she should first write her exam and get a degree. She asks them to have food without fighting. Anu recalls Surya telling that she isn’t going to London and gets upset.

At Ranjini’s house, Ragupathi scolds Sambath for always playing video games on mobile like a kid. A constable comes to Ranjini’s house. The constable tells to Ragupathi that the inspector summoned him to the police station. He takes Ragupathi while Sambath and Ranjini run behind him.

At Surya’s house, Mansi and Chandra are at the dinning table waiting for Surya and Sharda. Mansi gets irritated when they are taking time to come and starts having her salad. Surya and Sharda join them later. Sharda says she has made sweet for Chandra since he’s taking over company’s responsibilities, when Surya will be in London.

Surya says corrot halwa is his favorite. Mansi gets irritated and asks the servant to throw the salads. Sharda asks the servant to keep it so she can use it as fertilizer to the plants in their garden. Just then Surya shares with Sharda about Anu’s mom being arrested for protesting asking for the garbages to be cleaned. Neil was also arrested and adds that later he bailed them out. Chandra can’t believe that there’s a big issue for garbages. Sharda talks about segregating the wastes at home and tells many aren’t aware of it. She adds they should keep the surroundings clean along with their hearts.

Chandra asks if one should practice Yoga and meditation in order to keep their heart clean. Sharda tells it will be enough if one expresses whatever he feels to others, so that his heart feels lighten. Mansi angrily says she also prefers to tell whatever she feels, but people around her can’t take it so she decides to be quiet and walks away.

At Anu’s house, Subu and Pushba are discussing about Anu’s London trip. Pushba again says he shouldn’t have stopped Anu from going to London. She asks Subu what was the need to talk to Surya regarding the trip. Subu says it was necessary. He adds Anu’s exams are more important than her trip to London, Anu can even get a better job when she completes her studies.

Pushba says Anu is already doing a better job. She says Anu is lucky to get such an opportunity and he should have let her take it. Subu asks Pushba to think about what the society will say about Anu if she goes to London. Pushba says they shouldn’t give importance to people’s talk, as it’s their habit to gossip. Subu questions Pushba if she agrees to send Anu alone with Surya. Pushba says if that’s his problem she will go with Anu to London. Subu asks her to be patient till Anu gets a better job and then Anu will take her to London.

Surya ponders upon his mom’s words about sharing one’s heart feelings and decides to open his heart to Anu when he will come back from London.

At colony, Anu tells to Ramya that Neel tried to cheer her up while she was working and she scolded him for the same as she can’t concentrate in her work. Ramya advices Anu to tell in a polite way to Neel that he is disturbing her. Anu tells that she’s worried more about Surya going to London as she won’t be able to see him and talk with him. She says she is feeling a kind of restless in her heart. Ramya reasures Anu.

The episode ends.