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The episode starts with doctor telling Surya that Meera’s mom’s health condition is critical. He leaves. Surya goes back to the room. He assures Meera’s mom that he will take care of Meera. The latter breaks down and Surya holds her hand in order to console her. He assures her that he’s with her. He asks Meera to take leave tomorrow and looks after her mom, Anu will handle all the works at office. Meera thanks Surya. He asks Poorni to take care of them and takes leave.

The next day morning, Surya comes to office and gets surprised finding Meera there. He asks why she has come to the office. She should take leave and take care of her mom. Meera says her mom was feeling better this morning and also Poorni assured her that she will look after her mom, so she has come and moreover working with him is the best relaxation for her.

Meera starts giving details about the press meeting. She asks who all are she should include in this meeting. Surya asks to include Anu, but they will not announce about her promotion in the press meet and asks Meer to make sure that none talk about this to anyone before he himself gives an official announcement. Meera nods ok. FM brings a coat. He gives to Meera and leaves. Meera says to Surya she has ordered this coat for him for the press conference as she felt he will look nice wearing it. Surya thanks her.

Meera goes to Anu and informs her about the press meet. She advises her how to behave in the press meet and taunts her saying Anu doesn’t know to be patient since she got everything in a very short span of time and warns her that she can also lose everything in a short period. Mansi and Sharda are waiting for Surya’s live to start.

Sharda says this’s not new for Surya to come live and suggests visiting the temple, but Mansi wants to watch the live first and Sharda agrees. Meera tells Surya that he’s getting late for the press conference and helps him to remove his coat and makes him wear the coat she specifically ordered for him. That time Anu comes to Surya’s cabin and gets shocked seeing the same. Surya and Meera also notice Anu. Surya gets tensed while Meera smirks. Anu feels bad and leaves without uttering a word.

In the press conference, Surya thanks the reporters and explains about their waste segregation project. Sharda and Mansi are watching the live. Sharda says Surya told that Meera’s mom isn’t well, yet she has come to the office and appreciates her dedication. Mansi gets irritated hearing this and thinks Meera does all this to seek attention. Suddenly the live stops due to some network problem. Sharda and Mansi decide to visit the temple. One reporter questions Surya about the new head of Devanandhini’s sarees, but Surya cuts her saying they will only talk about waste segregation project in this meeting.

Ragupathi and Rajini are also watching Surya’s live press conference and are passing mocking comments about Surya and Anu. At the press conference, Meera reads to Surya the questions asked on social sites and he answers them. Meera suggests that Anu should answer one question since it’s her idea. Surya agrees. Anu answers it brilliantly. The reporters asks Surya few questions and he answers them. The press conference ends.

Pushba comes to Rajini’s house calling out Azhagiya Sambath. When Ragupathi asks why she’s searching for Sambath, she gives some excuses. Ragupathi tells that Anu has come live on FB. Pushba is surprised hearing this, then she covers it up saying Anu told her, but she forgot it. Pushba takes leave, but she stops when Ragupathi speaks ill of Anu. She yells Ragupathi.

The episode ends.