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The episode starts with Ragupathi badmouthing Anu. Pushba loses her cool and lashes out at him. She warns him not to utter a word against Anu before leaving. Pusba comes back home upset. She says she wouldn’t have gone to that Ragupathi’s house, if Swamyadi hadn’t predicted that Anu’s life partner will start with the letter A. She realizes that Anu can never lead a happy life in Ragupathi’s house and prays to save them.

At Surya’s house, all are gathered in hall. Mansi congratulates Surya for the waste segregation project. Surya says he has only presented the project in front of media, Anu gave the idea. Sharda complains that they keep talking about Anu, but they never introduce Anu to her. Chandra is about to reveal that Surya will introduce Anu on her birthday, but Surya and Mansi stop him. Sharda becomes upset that they all are hiding something from her.

 Surya assures her that nothing like that. Sharda asks about Meera’s mom’s health to which Surya replies that she’s feeling better. Sharda feels bad for Meera sionce she has to handle everything alone. Surya says Meera isn’t alone since he has promised to his mom that he will be always with Meera, they all should be there with there. Sharda agrees. Surya informs Sharda about starting a separate unit for Devanandhini sarees which makes Sharda happy.

Subu and Pushba finds Anu upset. They think she might be tired due to work pressure and asks about the same. Anu assures them she’s fine. She starts talking about Surya with enthusiasm and says how he converted her simple idea into a big project and praises him. Her parents and her aunt Poorni advise Anu not to always think about her work and office.

Pushba asks her to concentrate on herself too since Swamyadi had predicted that her marriage will get fixed very soon. Pushba adds that tomorrow is Ashtami so she should visit the temple.  Anu thinks that she is certain that she and Surya are destined.

Sharda wakes up seeing a nightmare. She says she has prayed to Deity that she will offer a Devanandhinin saree, but she forgot, so Deity reminds it to her through a dream. The morning Sharda gets ready to go to the temple and informs a maid about the same. The maid suggests accompanying her since she didn’t have her breakfast, but Sharda refuses. Anu and Ramya are looking at Anu and Surya’s photo published on the newspaper.

 Pushba asks Anu to go to the temple. Anu says that she will go after cutting the photo from the newspaper.  Pushba says she will cut it and urges Anu to leave. Ramya accompanies Anu till the entrance. Ramya advises Anu to ask Surya directly if he has feelings for her. Anu says that she knows that Surya loves her, but he refuses to admit it.

Ramya asks her not to take so much time to confess their feelings, else Meera will overtake care and aslo her mom isn’t well, so Surya start getting sympathy for her Anu says nothing like that will happen. As they’re talking, poorni comes there.

The episode ends.