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The episode starts with Meera saying that she had come to the office so that she doesn’t keep thinking about his mom and feel the loneliness. Surya respects her choice. Meera goes to Anu to assign her some work. Anu is surprised to see her in the office. She says that she had come to her house last night, but couldn’t meet her. She presents her condolences for her loss. Meera thanks her. She asks who dropped her back home. Anu stumbles to answer. Meera then asks why she hadn’t come inside the house to which Anu says that she saw her and Surya discussing so she didn’t want to disturb them. Meera says good. She further says that she could’ve told that Poorni is her aunt. Poorni took good care of her mother.

Meera and Pankaj have a talk. Meera thanks Pankaj for his support. Pankaj clears that he’s neither on her side, nor on Anu’s side. He’s always on Surya’s side. Pankaj goes to Surya and tells that Meera had come to office immediately after her mother’s death, and asks if he hadn’t advised her to take off. Surya says that they should accept Meera’s choice. Pankaj says that it’s good if he thinks in the same for everything. Surya says except for Anu. He further says that he will stay for two more days in the guesthouse to ponder, and then will talk to Anu, which makes upsets Pankaj. He walka away. Surya calls him and jokes. Pankaj leaves. Surya imagines his ramp walk with Anu, and smiles.

Sharda, Mansi and Chandra are discussing about Meera’s loss. Sharda phones Surya, and enquires about Meera. Surya says that she had reached office even before him. Sharda is surprised. She says that Meera would feel better in the office and says she’s surprised to see her dedication towards her work. Mansi thinks Meera is an attention seeker. Chandra praises Meera which annoys Mansi, who walks away.

Anu goes to the storeroom to check the old files of Devanandhini sarees. She notices the notebook that kept falling the other day. She then get busy in her work. She finds a notebook, which contains some old fabrics sample of Devanandhini sarees. When she touches the materials, she feels strange, and gets some flashes. She wonders whom to ask about these materials. She thinks of asking to Shankaran, but he’s on leave. So she calls Chandra. The latter asks her to meet in the conference hall.

Anu tells Chandra that twenty years ago, they have produced some 5000 sarees, and all that sarees were disposed in one day, and there’s no any sales details about that sarees. Anu asks Chandra if he knows about it. Chnadra says that he would be a baby that time, so it’s obvious he doesn’t know anything about it. He asks why she wants to know about that sarees now. Anu replies that she’s just curious.

The episode ends.