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The episode starts with Poorni questions Ramya and Anu what they’re waiting for. Ramya and Anu cover cooking some excuses. Poorni stops Anu and says she wants to have a talk with her. Ramya asks Anu if she’s not going to the temple. Anu says she’s getting and says to her aunt that they can talk later. Poorni agrees and goes inside. Ramya asks Anu to be careful with Poorni since she’s noticing everything. Anu asks Ramya what happened to her since yesterday she has been telling to beware. Ramya says that she just told what she left.

Sharda visits the temple. The priest welcomes her and takes inside the temple. Sharda gives the saree to the priest while temple bells ring. Sharda says this is a auspicious sign. The priest says Deity will fulfill her wish. He does Deity’s puja and places the saree on her feet. Sharda says she’s feeling the peace after offering the saree to the deity. The priest informs that they put on sale the sarees worn by the deity and suggests buying one saree. He adds that God will decide who will get which saree. Sharda nods and goes to pray to other Gods.

Anu coincidentally vists the same temple where Sharda is present. She prays to the Deity. The priest informs the devotees that they’re putting on auction the sarees gifted to the Deity and suggests buying the saree that they like. Anu hears on woman saying to her husband that she’s going to buy the saree as they should be lucky to get deity’s saree. Anu goes to the place where auction take place and sits with the devotees. The auction begins and everyone buys the saree they want. When the man takes the saree gifted by Sharda, Anu feels a sudden attraction for that saree and buys it. She feels strange and gets some flashes when she holds the saree.

Sharda suddenly feels dizzy. Anu holds Sharda calling out maa. Sharda gets stunned seeing Anu. The latter makes Sharda sit. Sharda says she has seen her somewhere and thinks. The both remember their first meeting in the same temple. Anu says what a coincident the last time they have on Ashtami and today also is Ashtami. Sharda asks if she will visit the temple on every Ashtami to which Anu says elders have told its good to visit the temple on every Ashtami, in order to respect their words, she visits a temple on every Ashtami, today she felt to visit this temple, the Deity wanted them to meet today. Sharda then notices the saree that she offered to the Deity and asks Anu about the same.

Anu says she has just bought it in auction, on seeing this saree, she felt a sudden urge to buy it, she never buys anything without informing her parents, but this is the first and scared about her mom’s reaction. Sharda says this’s God’s will so her mom will understand. Anu says she’s talking like her mom. Anu offers to accompany her till her car. Sharda says that she’s feeling peacefulness in heart after meeting her. Anu says she’s also feeling the same way. The driver tells sir is asking for her. Sharda says she’s coming and takes Anu’s leave.

The episode ends.