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The episode starts with Anu asking Chandra about the 5000 sarees that was produced 20 years, but there’s no any sale details about those sarees. Chandra says that Sharda may know about those sarees and adds that he will ask her about it when he will go home for lunch. He further tells how when he was a kid, he pretended to get hurt in his hand so that his mom fed him. He tells Anu to ask about the sarees’ details to Surya as well. Anu nods ok and takes his leave

Poorni tells Pushba that Anu and Surya seem sharing a bond which is beyond professional to which Pushba replies that’s because Surya had stayed at their house when Anu marriage’s got fixed with Sambath and also he’s friendly with everyone. Poornima wonders how to tell Pushba about Anu and Surya. She’s scared that Pushba misunderstands her. Pushba asks Poorni what she thinks about Meera. Poorni says that Meera is a nice person. She worked hard in her life and lost a parent at a young age. Surya is taking care of her and he meant everything for Meera. Pushba says that Surya treats his office staffs as his family. Poorni says that Surya is more than a family for Meera. She bets that Meera must be in the office right now. Pushba phones Anu to confirm Poorni’s prediction and gets surprised that Poorni predicted correctly about Meera.

Anu goes to Surya. The latter is solving puzzles and tells her he likes solving puzzles. Anu asks him about the 5000 Devanandhi sarees that they produced 20 years ago. Surya gets irked hearing it. He asks her what’s the need to study very old files of Devanandhi. He further says that she should study only the last 5 years files and advises not to try to know everything at a time. Anu gets upset with his rude reply. Surya tries to cheer her up asking to help him to solve the puzzles, but Anu saying she doesn’t like it.

Ahead, FM comes to Surya and asks if he can bring lunch for him. Anu intervenes and says that she brought lunch for Surya as well. Surya gets excited hearing her and asks what lunch she brought for him. Anu says coriander rice and asks FM to bring her lunch box and an extra spoon. He nods ok and leaves. Anu removes her shawl from her bandaged hand and recalls Chandra’s words. She talks to Surya to make him see her bandaged hand. She asks if he doesn’t want to know why she asked FM for a spoon. However Surya is busy in solving the puzzles and says that’s her chiuce. Anu gets annoyed and shouts. Surya looks at her startled and notices her hand. He asks what happened. She lies that she got hurt while cooking. Surya gets concerned for her. Anu assures him that it will heal in two days, but she’s unable to use her right hand to eat. Surya asks her to use spoon and imitates the gesture which annoys Anu.

Meanwhile Meera sees FM taking Anu’s tiffin box. She enquires him about it and fumes learning Surya and Anu are planned to have lunch in Surya’s cabin. She phones a client and fixes a lunch meeting with Surya in order to prevent Anu sharing lunch with Surya.

There Anu and Surya get sested. Surya enquires Anu about her injury and pulls her leg. He asks Anu how she can cut the vegetables with her right hand and get injured in the same hand. Anu feels embarrassed and gives an excuse. Surya opens Anu’s lunch box to eat, but Meera comes there. She says that a business delegate is waiting for him. Surya says that he doesn’t have scheduled any meeting now. Meera says that she had fixed a lunch meeting with that business delegate thinking he would be free during the lunch time. Surya looks at Anu feeling helpless.

The episode ends.