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The episode starts with Surya and everyone waiting for Sharda to return from the temple. Mansi complaints to Chandra that she’s hungry. Chandra calls Surya to have breakfast, but he says he will eat after mom will return. Sharda comes back. She tells Surya that she has met the girl about whom she has talked to him before.

Surya reprimands Sharda for going to the temple without having breakfast and calls her to have breakfast. Sharda keeps talking about the girl she met in the temple and praises her. Mansi asks for that girl’s name to which Sharda says she forgot to ask her. She continues talking about the girl which irritates Surya. The latter says that he’s not interested to know about all this and asks her to have the breakfast first.

Anu is showing the saree that she bought in the auction to Pushba. She tells to that she wanted to buy this saree the moment she saw it. Pushba also likes the saree. She enquires her about the price. Subu asks what’s the need to buy a saree now. Pusba asks him not to say anything inauspicious. Anu then tells about meeting an old woman in the temple. She adds that they had met her already at the temple when they went to perform the parigaram. Subu asks if the same lady argued with them. Anu tells not her, but the old woman who was with the lady. Subu remembers her and says that she talked with them very calmly.

The maid tells Sharda that Surya got tensed knowing that she left for the temple without having food. She finds Sharda happy and asks about the same. Sharda shares with her that the saree she offered to the deity was bought in the auction by the same girl, whom she met before in that same temple, whose face is very calm and pretty. She adds that she can’t forget that girl’s face and says the life is really a mystery.

Surya is seen working on his laptop. He receives a call. He struggles to speak over the phone while working on the laptop. Meera holds his phone to help him. Anu comes to Surya. She gets stunned seeing Meera standing close to Surya. She’s about to leave, but Surya signs her to stay. He notices Anu feeling uncomfortable and then realizes Meera holding his phone near to his ears. He asks her to leave the phone. Surya and Anu have a talk about Devanandhi sarees.

Surya asks Meera to make arrangements for tomorrow’s board meeting. She agrees. Anu and Meera leave. Panakj comes to Surya. The latter says tomorrow he is going to introduce Anu to his mom and adds that he confused what to do further. Pankaj asks Surya to talk to Anu’s parents next. Surya agrees. He then tells that Meera misunderstood his care for her and says something has changed in her. He asks him to handle Meera, when mom will come to office.

Mansi and Chandra playing football. Sharda is walking forth and back wondering what will be Surya’s surprise. Mansi notices Sharda being lost in her thoughts. She says to Chandra that Sharda might be thinking about the girl she met in the temple and says that she’s scared that Sharda brings her as this house’s first daughter-in-law and suggests finding a girl in her friend circle for Surya. At the office, Pankaj have a talk with Meera.

The episode ends.