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The episode starts with Surya and Anu discussing about making a list of the places where they can go. Surya says that if anyone in the office ask why she skip the office, she can say that she went out with him. Anu asks Surya not to force her, she will reveal their love to the staff when she feels to do so. She gets down from the car and waves bye to Surya.

Surya asks Pankaj why he’s following him. Pankaj says that he has come to the office just like him. Surya says that he feels like got the elephant’s strength after falling into the love. He doesn’t realize the time passing while talking with Anu, but now his duty is calling him. Pankaj reminds Surya about the Devanandhi factory and says that Anu is going to replace Devanandhi’s place in his life, then what’s the meaning of keeping that factory. Surya shouts Pankaj and says that he wants that place and Anu as well.

Pankaj says that Anu didn’t know his complete past and if that land goes out land, Anu will never come to know about. If they want to get back that land, they need to submit the original documents, else it will go to Surrender’s hand. Surya says that he will never give up on this land. Pankaj says that surrender knows that land hold more importance for him, so Surrender is troubling him. He is going to start a new life with Anu, so asks to leave the past. Surya says that he can’t leave his old memories and he sees Anu as the continuity of his past. He warns Pankaj not to tell anything about the land to Anu. He repeats that he wants both the land and Anu and walks away.

Mansi scolds Chandra for always eating chocolate. She says that he must have troubled very much his mom when he was kid. Chandra denies it. Mansi says there’s a girl in Surya’s and she wants to find it out who is that girl. Mansi further says that Surya used to get often angry, but now he softened. He often gets sad due to love. Chandra doesn’t believe her. Mansi decides to enquire Anu about whom Surya is loving. Chandra doesn’t want to take her doubts to the office. However Mansi is determined to find out as she doesn’t want any girl trap Surya for money. Mansi asks Chandra to talk to Anu first then they both will talk. Chandra agrees. Mansi thinks Surya can love any girl, but that girl should be Meera and she wants to confirm it.

Anu is practicing how to tell her dad about her love for Surya. Pushba questions Anu whom she’s talking with. Anu gives an excuse. Anu is waiting for Subu to come back and asks Pushba why he’s late today. Pushba gets irritated with Anu’s question. Pushba asks Anu to make dough for chapati. Poorni notices the ring in Anu’s hand and enquired about it. Anu lies that her friend gifted it. Poorni and Pushba ask Anu to get one ring for them too. Anu ssys that it’s an unique piece and we can’t one more. She even try to buy one for Ramya, but she couldn’t get. Subu phones Pushba and says that he has some work in the textile shop, so he has to stay in the shop itself for the night. Pushba tells Subu that Anu bought a ring which looks like a diamond ring and is waiting eagerly to show it to him. Subu cuts the call. Anu gets upset hearing this.

The episode ends.