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The episode starts with Pankaj advising Meera. He says that tomorrow there’s possibility that she has to introduce Anu to Sharda so, he asks her to consider Anu as a simple girl and remembers that she is this company’s VP and act according to that in front of Sharda. He adds that anything can happen, when Anu will meet Sharda and she should get disappointed for that and expresses it. Meera says that she doesn’t understand anything he says, but assures him that tomorrow meeting will go smoothly.

Surya and Anu both are in their respective house and thinking about each other. Surya texts Anu that he’s eagerly waiting for the morning, finally the day when he’s going to introduce her to his mom has come. Anu reads his text and gets elated. Other hand Meera is recalling Pankaj’s words. She phones Anu. She says that she couldn’t congratulate her in the office and congratulates Anu for her promotion. She then offers to send company vehicle to pick her since tomorrow is an important day and she shouldn’t be late. Anu agrees. Meera cuts the call and smirks.

Poorni gives coffee to Meera. The latter asks if she hasn’t left home yet to which Poorni replies that she noticed that she was tired so she thought to make coffee for her. Meera shares with Poorni about her mom’s struggle to raise her. She then tells that her mom’s only wish is to see her marry. Poorni asks if she can ask why she is not married yet. Meera says that she also have dreams of setting down getting married, but… She looks at Surya and her’s photo and smiles. Poorni asks Surya… Meera says he’s her everything, he’s her role model, companion, adviser and even much more. She further adds that she never shared all this to anyone, but she felt to share with her. She thanks Poorni for all her support. Poorni assures her that her mom will get well soon and she will pray that her personal to be as she wishes for. She takes her leave.

Surya wakes up early moring by putting alarm. He goes to his mom’s room. He finds her sleeping. He wakes her up and wishes her happy birthday. He confirms that if he’s the person who wished and then he was eagerly waiting for this day. Sharda says that she can understand this seeing his happy face. She adds that she’s elated to see him so much happy and she thinks the surprised he has planned for her must be very important one. Surya agrees and asks her to get ready fast.

Anu is seen getting ready for office. Pushba questions her from when she got the habit of singing while bathing. Anu says that she was practicing her speech and informs her parents that she’s going to attend a boarding and she has to answer board members questions. Sge further says that she’s nervous about it, so she was practicing her speech. Subu advises her to follow her heart. Anu says that Surya’s mom will attend the meeting and she wants to impress her. Subu assures her that she will fulfill everyone’s expectations since she’s his daughter. Pushba mocks Subu. Anu gets annoyed and stands in front of God to pray while Surya is rehearsing how to introduce Anu to his mom standing in front of a mirror.

The episode ends.