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The episode starts with Surya feeding food to Anu. Surya promises to Anu that he will fulfill her every wish. Anu asks Surya to have food as well. Surya takes a bite and praises Anu’s cooking talent. Suddenly the notebook falls down. Anu gets scared. She picks it up and keeps staring at it. Surya calls out Anu. Anu puts the file back in its place and says that this particular notebook keeps falling every time she comes to the storeroom. Surya jokes. Anu says that she feels happy to be here, in the storeroom. She further says that she wishes that she could’ve bornt 20 years ago. In that she needn’t to ask to others about the old files. Surya says that her mind got stuck being inside the storeroom the whole day and suggests going out as he needs to talk to her. Anu agrees. She asks him to go and says that she will join him in a while. Surya nods and leaves. Anu walks out keeps checking if the note falls down. The note falls down once Anu left the storeroom.

Surya and Anu are traveling in the car. Surya wants to know what his mother, Sharda, told Anu when she had visited her. He further says that he needs know it to take an important decision. Anu says that she has come home to give her a gift. She gifted her that necklace. Anu expresses how happy she was meeting his mom. Anu asks Surya to talk to his mom about that necklace. He nods ok.

The morning Ramya comes running to Anu to inform that their semester results will come either today or tomorrow. Anu teases Ramya saying that she should clear all papers. Subu asks Anu if she will score good marks. Anu assures him that she will definitely score good marks because Surya taught her. Anu leaves for office. Pushba tells Subu that they have to find a good match for Anu and the boy name should start in R as Swamyadi instructed her.

At the office, Pankaj and Meera have a talk about Devanandhini Fabrics’ old factory. Pankaj says that Anu insists to visit the old factory and it can create some problems. Meera says that she doesn’t know anything about that factory nor they will tell her about that and asks what’s the point to discuss about it to her. Their talk is interrupted with Chandra’s arrival. Chandra asks Meera if she had called Mansi to enquire about his 50 lakhs expenses to which Meera replies in affirmation. He calls Anu and Yamuna to the conference hall.

After a while, Chandra asks Anu to tell about the 50 lakhs payment check he asked her to make. Anu says that she made that check and mailed the details to Yamuna. Chandra asks to explain what’s the purpose of that check. Anu explains the purpose. Chandra tells Meera that apart her everyone in the office knows about that 50 lakhs payment and she should have enquired about it before calling Mansi. Meera asks Anu why she didn’t inform her. Anu says she had made a cc mail to her and Yamuna confirms what Anu told. Chandra scolds Meera for calling straight away Mansi without any proper enquiring. He warns Meera not to repeat the mistake and walks away.

Pankaj advises Meera to be careful with Mansi and Chandra and walks away. Mansi phones Meera to taunt her.

The episode ends.