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The episode starts with Ragupathi indirectly taunting Subu and Anu. Subu hears everything. He stands there hurt. Later Pushba expresses her worry about the inquiry meeting that’s going to happen in Anu’s office and how Anu is going to face it. Subu tells her not to worry as Anu had done nothing wrong and also Surya assured them that he will help them. As Pushba isn’t convinced Subu decides to go to Anu’s office.

At the office, everyone is gathered in the conference hall. Surya asks he needs all details regarding what happened. Anu begins to tell, but Surya stops her. He asks Meera the details. Pankaj asks if he shall leave as he doesn’t know about this matter. Surya asks him to stay. Meera tells what happened. Surya asks Meera why she gave the file to Anu. Chandra interrupts saying he suggests to give it Anu. Meera tells Anu took the file to her home then she brought it back to office, in between this the tender details got leaked and the company lost the project. Surya says he knows how to get that project so she needs not worry about it.

Surya then asks Yamuna what happened next. She tells they tursted Anu and gone to Anu’s house to search thinking they won’t get any proof but they got money there. Surya asks Shankaran’s opinion. Shankaran tells we can’t come to a conclusion with without proper enquiry. He further tells his instinct is saying Anu is innocent. Meera tells we can’t act according to instinct, we need proof. She asks if they find money at Anu’s home or not.

Shankaran admits they found money there but Anu and her family say they don’t know anything about that money. Meera taunts Anu saying it’s usual to people say like that when they get caught. Meera tells circumstances prove Anu is guilty. Anu tells she’s innocent. Meera asks Anu to stop acting like innocent and fool Surya. She further tells she can’t escape this time. Surya recalls his promise to Subu. Surya tells everything proves that Anu is fraud. Anu is taken aback. Meera agrees with him. Surya asks Anu if she anything to say.

Subu and Pushba comes to Anu’s office to talk with Surya. FM tells Surya, Chandra and Anu are in an important meeting so they couldn’t meet them. Subu asks him to inform Surya about their arrival. Meera says Anu is silent because she’s agreeing with them. Anu says she’s silent since she doesn’t how to prove her innocence. She tells to Chandra that she hadn’t broken his trust and asks her to believe her. Just then FM comes there. Meera scolds him for interrupting an important meeting. FM tells Anu’s parents have come. Meera taunts Anu. Surya says they will continue the discussion after a break. Anu looks sad.

The episode ends.