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The episode starts with Anu submitting the reports to Surya. Anu further says that she asked her team not to send a copy of the reports to Meera. The latter gets shocked. Surya appreciates Anu’s efforts. The meeting gets over. Surya asks Anu to stay as he wants to talk to her. However Anu excuses herself for a while.

Anu stops Meera and asks why she’s calling her by her name outside Surya’s cabin and she calls her madame in a taunting way in front of Surya. Anu asks Meera to either call her by her name or by madam. Meera starts shouting at her. Anu stops Meera showing her hand. Anu warns Meera not to act rudely with her and goes back to Surya’s cabin.

Pankaj comes to Surya’s cabin. Surya tells Anu that Pankaj and other staffs complain that Anu is spending more time in the storeroom. Surya asks Anu to work sitting in her cabin with a smile. Anu says that she’s not coming to the office for enjoying. She has a goal and till she achieves it, she will be serious in her work. Anu then tells about a particular file, which is keeps falling whenever she goes to the storeroom. She adds that she found Surendhar’s name in that file and no one knows who is Surendhar and asks Surya about him. Pankaj angrily walks away. Surya says that they have some important work now and asks Anu to come with him. Anu complains that Surya is diverting the topic.

Surya and Anu are traveling in the car. Surya tells that Surendhar was the former working partner of Devanandhi fabrics. He cheated him in business and went to the jail and got released recently. Surya says that he doesn’t want to reveal anything further about Surendhar for now. Anu says that she will not ask about Surendhar if it irritates him. Surya says that it’s not like that, but when he wanted to tell her about his past life, she refused to listen, now all of a sudden she questions particularly about Surendhar. Surya further says that Surendhar isn’t worth to know. Surya then asks about Anu’s semester results. Anu says that she didn’t get the results yet and it’s also good because her parents want to get her married immediately after her exam results come out. Surya asks Anu to tell her parents that she will marry Surya. Anu expresses her fear to talk to her parents about their love. Surya encourages Anu to talk.

Anu comes back home. Her parents talk about her marriage. Anu asks them not to hurry for her marriage. Pushba scolds her. Subu asks what she wanted to tell him. Anu stumbles and says that she wanted to talk about her exam results. Pushba tells Subu and Anu that the occultist predicted that Anu’s life partner name will start with ‘A’. Anu worries that Surya’s name isn’t starting with ‘A’.

Pankaj is vacating all the old files from the storeroom so that Anu doesn’t ask Surya any further questions about Surendhar or Devanandhi. Pankaj asks Surya to handle Anu if she asks about the files. Surya agrees. Surya strictly tells Pankaj to keep all the files safely.

The servant informs Sharda that Mansi and Chandra reached the guesthouse. Sharda asks about Surya. The servant replies that Surya has just returned from the office and he’s sleeping. Sharda says that Surya must be exhausted and says no one should disturb Surya.

Meanwhile Anu tries to contact Surya and gets upset that his phone is switched off. Anu shares with Ramya and Sambath that her mother has taken the occultist words very serious and is determined to find her a boy, whose name starts with ‘A’, but Surya’s name isn’t starting with ‘A’. Anu is tensed that Surya’s phone is switched off. Ramya and Sambath advise Anu to disclose to her dad about her love for Surya as soon as possible. Ramya asks Anu to consider Sambath as her dad and practice confessesing her truth. Ramya and Sambath burst out laughing seeing Anu talking in a very serious tone.

The episode ends.