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The episode starts with Chandra asking Anu to work looking towards the wall, and giving the keyboard in her hands.

Later Meera becomes tensed when she’s not able to reach Surya’s phone. She shares her worries with Pankaj, who comes to her cabin. The latter reassures her that Surya is fine and he can’t use mobile during the conference. They begin to talk about Chandra and the changes he has made in the office. They moke Chandra. Meera says Chandra is unpredictable and it’s very difficult to assist him. She plots against Anu. Pankaj warns her to be careful so that her plan not backfire on herself.

Ramya and Sambath are trying to track Surya’s flight through his flight number. Ramya tells to Sambath that Anu is worried unnecessarily about Surya. He must have to bord the flight so he might not check the messages. Just then Ragupathi comes there, he scolds Ramya for wasting her time instead of studying. Ranjini calms her brother down and questions why he doesn’t use the photo that he has in his hand to take his revenge. Ragupathi says the closeness between Anu and Surya is increasing. The game started becoming interesting and that’s what he wants.

Surya keeps thinking of Anu and his moments with her. He thinks he has lot of things to share with her. He wants to tell her that he hasn’t left for London. He reminisces Anu telling him she misses him. He tells to himself he can’t even expresses what he feels for her and tells ‘I miss you Anu’.

At the office, Anu tries to call Surya and gets sad when his phone is non-recheable. Neel asks Anu if she’s sad because she can’t talk to Surya. He offers his phone to make call to Surya, as it has facility to make international calls. When Anu refuses to take his help, Neel says he’s her friend and he can’t do this for her. Anu tries to call Surya. Just then Pankaj comes there and asks Neel to get back to the work. While leaving, Neel takes Anu’s phone with him.

Later Meera addresses to the staff. She says being Prakash Group of compsnies employees they all should obey to Chandra’s orders even though they don’t like it and should be more responsible in their work. She tries to call Neel, as the latter is missing. Neel’s phone rings and the phone is in the hands of Anu, who tells Neel’s phone by mistake got exchanged with her phone. Later Swapana and Yamuna discuss about Anu having Neel phone and they think they are lovers.

Chandra, Meera and other staff are waiting for Anu in the conference hall. Just then Anu comes and submits the report on employees. Chandra reads the report and angrily throws it on the table. He furiously asks Meera if she hasn’t read the report. He angry says there are lot spelling mistakes. Meera apologizes says she was busy in other works. Chandra excuses Meera but refuses to excuse Anu.

Meera scolds Anu. The latter tells Chandra is responsible for everything which shocks everyone. Anu says she has made lot of spelling mistakes since she had to work looking towards the wall. Meera warns Anu to be quiet and asks her to leave, but Chandra stops Anu asking to explain. Anu says they all know that he has made few changes in the office for its betterment, but it shouldn’t be done in the cost of the employees. If the employees aren’t able to work comfortably, they can’t give their best.

She strats narrating an anecdote about her father buying a study table for her and asking her to study sitting towards the north to score good marks. Later on he revealed he asked her to sit facing north side so that sun rays can keep her awake and the electricity would be consumed less. Chandra is impressed and says Anu’s dad is very intelligent which shocks Meera.

The episode ends.