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The episode starts with Mansi taunting Meera over phone. Mansi says that Chandra can’t be wrong everytime and scolds her and cuts the call.

Anu comes back from the office. Anu tells Ramya that Chandra scolded Meera. Ramya asks about Surya. Anu tells that Surya hadn’t sent that necklace, she had mistook it and says it’s all because of Ramya. Ramya says that the necklace was meant for her so it had reached her. Then Ramya advises Anu to go to sleep without texting to Surya. Anu recalls the moment shared with Surya today in the office and goes to her house.

Anu sees Subu checking newspapers and asks him about it. Subu says that he’s looking match for her. Anu coughs and asks what’s the need for that now. Subu assures Anu that they will not fix her marriage without her consent. Pushba scolds Subu and asks not to listen to Anu and find a good match for Anu as soon as possible. Anu gets upset and goes out to call Surya. She can’t reach him as his phone is switched off. She wonders why Surya switched off his phone and worries for him.

Sharda shares with her maid that something is disturbing Surya, but he doesn’t tell her. Just then Surya comes back home. He asks Sharda why she’s still awake. The maid says that Sharda is angry with him. Sharda tells that she wants Surya to get married soon. Surya asks her to leave that matter and asks about her visit to Anu’s house. Sharda complains that she wanted to talk to him about it earlier, but he didn’t listen to her. She further says that she went to gift Anu a necklace, but she ended up gifting her the necklace that he brought the other day. She had kept that necklace for his wife to be, but she gave it to Anu. Surya smiles. He asks her why she went to Anu’s house, she could’ve called her here. Sharda says that this’s between her and Anu. Surya nods. He asks her to sleep and goes upstairs.

In the night, Anu doesn’t get sleep. She keeps thinking about Surya. She worries for Surya’s safery as he talked about death in the office. She tries to contact him, but he’s phone is still switched off. Pushba and Subu ask Anu to sleep. She nods ok.

Surya comes to the terrace. Suddenly a furious Sharda comes there and pushes Surya down. Sharda wakes up startled shouting Surya. She’s scared and rushes to the balcony calling out Surya. The latter comes there and asks her what happened and what she’s doing here. Sharda is scared and keeps reapeating Surya. The latter reassures her that he’s fine. The maid comes there and takes Sharda to her room.

Meanwhile Anu feels restless and tries to contact Surya, but he doesn’t answer her calls. She keeps calling him. She gets worried Surya and prays for his safety. Otherside the maid makes Sharda lies on the bed and leaves. Surya comes to Sharda and gives her water. Sharda recalls her nightmare and looks at Surya scared.

The episode ends.