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The episode starts with Anu telling Pankaj and Surya that she saw the person, who brought tea for Surya, dumping a pillow in the dustbin. She took that pillow once he left and found a lipstick mark on it. Anu says that that man is the one, who suffocated her, with the pillow the other day near the pool side and asks Surya to investigate him immediately. Surya gets furious and wants to catch him now itself. Pankaj stops Surya and asks him to wait until they will find out who had sent him. Surya worries for Anu’s safety. Pankaj assures him that he will take care of it. Anu also agrees with Pankaj. Pankaj tells Surya and Anu to act casually in front of all so that no one get any doubt. Pankaj leaves.

Surya reveals to Anu that he was threatened and he understood that Anu was the target, so he did all this drama to protect. He can’t bring Anu alone here, so he had to invite all of them to his guesthouse. He apologizes to Anu for the same. Anu says that he needs not to be sorry. She is happy that he cares lot for her. Surya says that they’re one and he can’t live without her. She’s his universe. FB ends.

Pankaj tells the goon that they spied on him from that day. They even searched in his room and got evidences. They fixed a new CCTV camera in the place where he cutted the CCTV wire. Pankaj says that he got recorded while mixing poison in the room freshener and shows the footage. Pankaj adds that they removed the poisoned room freshener. Anu feels relieved. The goon requests Pankaj to leave him until he gets money from Surendhar as he needs it for his daughter’s operation which will happen the next morning. Pankaj asks the goon to tell about Surendhar’s whereabouts. The goon says that he doesn’t know and everytime he called him from a new number. Pankaj asks his man to take the goon away.

Anu asks Pankaj about Surya. Pankaj says that Surya went out for some important work and he will be back soon. Anu feels pity for the goon and requests Pankaj to help him. Pankaj says that Surya would have also said the same in her place and assures her that he will take care of it.

Meera announces to Dheen, Sapna and Anu that the Russian project got canceled due to some unknown reason and tells them that they will meet in the office. Swapna and Dheena leave. Anu looks for Surya. Pankaj tells Anu that the car is ready. Anu and Ramya leave. Meera shouts at Pankaj asking why he asked her to make the announcement to the staff, where Surya is, why they didn’t get the Russian project. Pankaj tells that they will talk about it in the office and sends her.

Pankaj phones his man and asks if he got to know about Surya’s whereabouts to which the man says that he didn’t find yet. Pankaj receives Sharda’s message. She informs that she’s going to visit a temple and complains that no one is picking her calls. She asks panakj to look after all. Pankaj wonders why Mansi hasn’t reached home yet. Chandra gets ready to leave. Pankaj stops Chandra and asks if everything is fine between him and Mansi. Chandra assures Pankaj that everything is ok between them, Mansi switched off her phone in anger. She will be fine once her anger would cool down. He leaves. Pankaj tells his goon to keep following Mansi without her knowledge.

Later someone rings the door bell. Pankaj opens the door and finds a man and a woman. Pankaj asks who they’re. They didn’t answer his question. They walk in and goes to the backside of the house and get seated comfortably. Pankaj asks if they’re cops.

The episode ends.