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Zee Tamil’s popular daily soap Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham is keeping its audience engaged with the show with its intriguing storyline.

In the previous episode, it’s shown that Surya got surprised seeing Meera back to work. When Surya questioned Meera about the same, she said that she missed her mom and felt lonely at home, so she has come to the office. Anu presented her condolences to Meera for her loss. Meera thanked Pankaj for all his help. Pankaj mocked Surya seeing him daydreaming about Anu. Anu found intriguing information about Devanandhi sarees fabrics and sought Chandra’s help to find out more about them. However, Chandra didn’t know about it.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Chandra will assure Anu that he will ask Sharda about Devanandhi sarees and he will also advise her to talk to Surya about the same. Chandra will share a childhood memory with Anu. He will say that once he lied to his mom that he got hurt on his hand so that she feeds him. Later Surya will become irritated when Anu will ask him about Devanandhi sarees. Surya will ask Anu to study only the last five years’ files of Devanandhini sarees. Anu will get upset hearing it. Surya will realize that he was rude to Anu and will try to cheer her up. Surya will get delighted when Anu will say that she brought lunch for him. Anu will pretend to be injured thinking Surya will feed her. However, Surya will pull her leg. Then they will get ready to have lunch, but Meera will spoil their lunch plan. She will deliberately fix Surya’s lunch meeting with a client.

Will Meera succeed in her plan? Will Surya cancel the meeting to share his lunch with Anu?

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