Gul Khan’s new show ‘Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka’ marks the return of Jana Na Dil Se Door star Vikram Singh Chauhan opposite Aditi Sharma, the ‘Kaleerien’ fame. Recently Vikram shared the first look and promo of the show. This supernatural drama is a story of a man who is living under the shadow of a ‘Jinn’ and Roshni who is a tawaif but has a heart of gold and might just be the key to Aman’s freedom from the clutches of Jinn . Gul Khan shared the new promo of the show and it looks dreamy and all things fantasy.


Picture Of Promo

This new promo gives a lot more elaborated picture of the show and its plot. It also gives a peep into the theme song of the show which like most of the shows these days is an original. The song is soothing and had great lyrics matching the heart of the story and signifying it through the lyrics. From the promo it looks like a month and Roshni have a shared history and its tragic. Suddenly the genes that starts destroying the city breaking Roshni’s heart trying to save it while watching everything turn into debris. Just then Vikram character comes and commands origin to stop and the destruction ceases from causing damage in the middle of air. The question is can Aman defeat Jinn with Roshni’s presence?

Things we liked 
The fantasy element is so well put in the promo that it will give you a feeling of being in the middle of a story from The Arabian Nights or Alif Laila. The VFX is marvellously on point with the whole set-up of the show. Every turret, every dome is finely crafted on computer and looks completely real.

Also the OST will give you a feeling of softness and fuzziness floating in the atmosphere.

Actors on screen

Aditi Sharma is very good and holds a strong presence on screen. Her character Roshni has a pull which will connect you with her instantly. On the other hand, Vikram’s character seems closed off and detached and Vikram handles that really well.

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This might just be another jackpot of a show in Star Plus’s kitty. The show is produced by 4 Lions’ Productions and will premiere on 14th of October on Star Plus.

Get ready for some magic and till then let’s get bizzzzziiiinnn’!!!!