The fandom is separated after the latest promo is out of Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyar Ke. The promo shows Abir waiting for Mishti with flowers in a restaurant but Mishti ignores him and hugs another person who is Vatsal Sheth (Character name not confirmed yet).

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Sources has confirmed that Vatsal Sheth is playing NRI who is friend of Mishti and is positive. Though what future holds, nobody knows. 

The fandom is separated after the promo. Some are liking the promo and welcoming Vatsal to the team. They are excited how the story will turn out between Mishti and Abir and what twists Vatsal’s character will bring. They think that Abir and Misti’s love will bring back together despite of all the odds. 

While others are seeing it as an advancement of rift between Mishti and Abir and in a fear that whether they will ever unite again. Vatsal’s character poses a threat to MishBir relationship and he is there as a replacement of Abir in Mishti’s life. 

How the track will twist and what more is turns MishBir have to face together or apart will be intriguing for fans for sure. Do tell us in our comment section what is your take on new entrant Vatsal Sheth in show. Are you excited or nervous? Are you ready for challenge which Vatsal’s character will throw. 

For more such updates, keep reading this space. Until then, Let’s Get Buzzing!!