High voltage drama ahead in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum with Sonakshi slapping Rohit.

Last we reported, Sonakshi narrates the events to the Sippy’s and apologizes to them for being late. Afterwards, Rohit gets into a heated argument with Sonakshi. He says because of her he face lots of trouble. He tells her that her mother accused him for being an alcoholic. Sonakshi calmly asks the permission to meet Preeti and leave the place.

Preeti hugs Sona and ask did she wait whole night to meet her. Rohit enters and says no she was busy whole night. He tells Preeti that her sis was doing adventure whole night and went to meet her fans. Preeti defends Sona.

Later, Preeti tells Rohit that how Paravati asks her to Kiss and Hug him before operation. Preeti says to Sonakshi that she didn’t got a chance to kiss the doctor but now she is here than she can give a kiss to Rohit by herself. Her mother interrupts and apologizes to Sona. Preeti asks Sona and Rohit to give her a kiss. Both give a Kiss to Preeti and she gets happy.

Afterwards, Rohit sees his lost watch in Pulkit’s hand and enquires about it. Pulkit tells him that Sonakshi has gifted the watch to him. Rohit says but the watch belongs to him and asks him to remove. Suman interrupts and says does he think they are thief. Rohit and Sona do argument.

Now in the upcoming sequence will see Sonakshi will slap Rohit.

Sonakshi will slap Rohit. Later, Rohit will suffer from fever.  Veena and the servants will do everything they can to cure Rohit’s fever. Meanwhile, Rohit will recall the slap incident and will appear at sonakshi’s doorstep at midnight to reclaim a valuable item.

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