Zee TV’s popular daily soap, “Jamai Raja” is back with with a 2.0 version where everything is bolder, sharper and edgier, this time as a webseries.
Jamai Raja2.0 teaser dropped two days ago. This time the show has a twist of thriller to its romance. The Ht description under the teaser says, Roshni’s mother, Durga Devi Patel owns a chain of night clubs in the city and has a firm grip on the city’s night life. Their life takes an unexpected turn when Sid, a man with a dark past enter their lives.
The show had retained all its main actors, namely, Ravi Dubey playing Sid, Nia Sharma as Roshni and Anchit Kaur as Durga Devi Patel.
This time around, the show will be very different from its soapy counterpart on TV. The teaser wouldn’t give you feels of watching big bollywood movie. The cinematography is eye pleasing and lovely.
Ravi’s character is the Joker of the series. He states in the teaser, In a game of cards every card has its own existence but Joker is the most dangerous of all because he can be anything.
“One right move aur khel khatam kar sakta hai!”
And that defines Sid. He is here to end Durga Devi’s game and destroy her to fulfill his revenge.
Storyline seems gripping and is high on thrillier. Action, Police Drama, Catch me if you can, lo s every game is being played and you really have to keep you eyes glued. It reveals less but just enough to keep you on your toes.

Anchit Kaur and Ravi Dubey look supremely fascinating in the trailer. Both of them ooze out confidence in every frame. Also, did we tell you Ravi looks REALLYYY HAWWTT? (Hey don’t roll your eyes! He really does, okay!)
Nia is seen jet skiing in the trailer, playing a piano and kissing Ravi’s character. We are impressed really! But can we have more of her in the trailer please? PLEASE?
Just like the Josh is HIGH! LOL!
On a serious note, this romantic thriller really looks really gripping. And seems like the thriller quotient will be dominating this time over romance.

For the unversed, Jamai Raja where Ravi and Nia played Siddharth Khurana and Roshini Patel respectively, was a big hit on TV and fans loved the chemistry not only between Nia Sharma and Ravi Dubey but also the screen chemistry between Ravi and Durga was appreciated.

Jamai Raja 2.0 will be available for binge watching as soon as it releases on 10th September, 2019. Watch the teaser here!