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At the beginning of the episode, Nima comes to the house and goes to Krish. She hugs him and says that she was very nervous. Krish says that he thought she had left him. Nima says that she can never leave him. Mona goes to Gulshan and says that Nima is doing all this drama. Gulshan tells Nima that she should stop her drama as she knows that she has done all this deliberately.

She asks what will she reply to his parents if something happens to Krish. Virat asks Gulshan to shut up. Krish goes towards the picture of his parents and leaves from there feeling sad. Nima tells Virat that she did not do this intentionally. She adds that she is caught by a mad woman and Krish disappears at the same time. Virat says that he is sure that she cannot do all this intentionally.

Nima says that she should call Dr and ask what they should do. Krish is crying sitting in his room. Mona says that their plan has worked and now Krish will move away from here. Gulshan says that Krish only knows how to do drama. Virat asks her to clam down. He says that Krish’s condition is very bad and he has to do something soon. Nima tells Virat that he should tell everything to Krish.

Virat says that he cannot even go near Krish. Nima says that he is the real father of Krish so she should go to him. Virat goes to Krish. He sees that Krish has a picture of his parents in his hand. He asks him from where did he get it. He doesn’t give any answer. Krish asks him where are his parents. Virat starts crying. Krish’s condition also worsens.

Nima goes to Krish. She takes care of him. Virat says that his parents had an accident and he was in shock. He says that he didn’t want to lose him so he didn’t tell him anything. He says that when he called him father, he accepted him as his son. Virat says that he hid the truth from her and it is his fault so he wants to forgive him.

Virat is about to leave from there. Nima explains to Krish that Virat loves him very much. Krish remembers how much Virat cared for him. While Mona feels that her plan has been successful. But then Krish stops Virat. Mona and Priyal are shocked. Krish hugs him. Nima says that they should make a fresh start and get Krish to do the puja too. Virat agrees to her point.

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