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At the beginning of the episode, Nima is cooking food and remembers Krish. Suresh tells Nima that it is good that she refused to talk to Virat. Sunita asks Nima where is she lost, she has burnt the food. Sunita asks her if she is worried about her job. She asks her not to worry as soon everything will be fine. Nima leaves from there. Suresh is going after her but Sunita stops him and says that she wants to talk to him about something.

Siya tells Manya that Pushpa might be angry with her because of what she has done today. Manya says that she has not insulted anyone so there is no need for her to panic. Nari also feels that what she did was right. She further informs them that she has got admission to the college of Chennai. Siya and Manya get happy. SHe asks her why she hasn’t told anything to Nima yet.

Nari says that Nima is sad so she didn’t say anything. Siya and Manya are advised her to tell everything to Nima. Here Virat sees Krish’s photos and says that his past is a big secret which he has to hide at any cost. Next Nari comes home and informs Nima that she has got admission to Chennai college and will have to go to Chennai tomorrow. Nima is very happy to hear this.

Varun asks her how will she teach him now. Nari says that she will teach him online. On the other hand, Suman asks Paras why Manya hasn’t come for dinner yet. Paras says that she will come soon. Then Manya comes there. Rani thinks that she will sit with them and eat food. But Pushpa tells her that Manya is very stubborn and if they don’t stop Manya then Paras will know everything.

Then Rani and Pushpa ask her to sit with them and have food. On the other hand, Suresh asks Tulika to have food. She refuses and says that she wants another chance. Suresh agrees to give her a chance. Then he feeds her. While later Nima starts crying as Nari is also moving away from her. Sunita and Suresh console her. Rani gives Manya a saree and asks her to wash it.

Manya says that if she wants, she can give her more saris. She will wash it all at once. She leaves from there saying this. Further, Nima comes to meet Krish. She says that if Krish calls her, she will come back. Krish tries to call her but is unable. Nima starts leaving from there. She hopes that Krish will call her after seeing her leaving. Further Paras is going to the office. Manya stops him and asks him to give Rani’s saree to dry clean.

Rani is shocked to see this. On the other hand, Krish calls Nima. Nima’s eyes moisten. She hugs Krish. Virat smiles seeing them. He asks her if she has now believed his words. Nima answers yes. Further Nima and Krish play games and share a good time.

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